Wellness programs have the potential to provide excellent returns to employers. In a recent research conducted by HealthFitness and The Connell Group participants indicated they are “likelier than non-participants to stay with their employer, refer someone to the company and be more productive.” While this type of feedback can make wellness programs highly attractive, simply creating a program does not ensure success. As with diets, poorly planned wellness programs typically fizzle out before any gains are made. An effective program has to consistently engage the workforce if employers are to expect a return on their investment.

In “Wellness strategy and innovation,” hubbub President, Winston Ball, and Coaching Services Manager, Marcie Traylor of hubbub health delve into how to a launch wellness program that engages not only at first blush, but holds long-term engagement. They will also explain the factors that go into planning sustainable programs that get the return that employers desire.

Key Speakers

Lynn Gresham
Freelance Writer and Editor
Winston A. Ball
Chief Operating Officer, hubbub health
Marcie Traylor
Coaching Services Manager, hubbub health