Kevin  Beck

Kevin Beck

Kevin Beck is the Foreclosure & OREO Manager for Fremont Bank in Northern California. Kevin manages all Default related areas, from collections and loss mitigation to bankruptcy, foreclosure, and REO. He oversees the implementation of all policies and procedures for the Default department. Fremont Bank is a privately owned community bank that services approximately 45,000 mortgage loans across its private and GSE portfolio. Kevin is responsible for Fremont Bank’s development of Loss Mitigation strategies and best practices. During the current housing crisis, Kevin’s team has created a practical, customized loan workout approach, including modifications and short sales, to fit the needs on the individual borrower’s unique situation. The result has been mutually successful short sales and a modification re-default rate well below the national average.Kevin has been in the mortgage industry since 2002. Prior to joining Fremont Bank in 2008, Kevin worked in retail and wholesale loan origination. Kevin earned his Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Arizona.