Mark Zalewksi

Mark A. Zalewksi is Director of e-Business Solutions at the American Financial Services Association in Washington, DC where he is staff liaison to the National Title Solutions Forum and Credit Risk Management Committees.� Mr. Zalewski has held various executive positions in product, software development, telecommunications systems and global business development during his 25 plus years experience in the financial retail services industry.� He has a solid track record of being on the leading edge of product innovation for new market penetration and expansion for start-up and mature organizations.� He is credited with effecting the sharing of global ATMs, acceptance of credit and debit cards in fast food, grocery, convenient stores, USPS and pioneered Internet payments.� He has been an officer at HSBC, Goldome Bank, Global Payments Inc., GTE Spacenet, CyberCash Inc. and Longitude Systems.He is a past chairman of ISO TC68, following a nine-year term that ended in 2006, which has responsibility for the development of international standards for use in the financial services and securities industries.�He currently serves as Treasurer of Loudoun County Christmas in April, an affiliate of Rebuilding Together�, is President of the Bluemont Citizens Association and Vice President of the Friends of Bluemont.Zalewski received a Bachelor of Science degree from State University College at Buffalo and an MBA in Finance and Marketing at Canisius College.� He also graduated from the Graduate School of Retail Bank Management at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce.