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Tinker Kelly

  • The value of data

    At my company, VEBA, the most important information that clients want to know about is enrollment data. Who's participating? Are they young? Are they old? What's their average income? What's the male/female participation ratio? What products are they purchasing?
  • Wanted: new blood

    Our business is facing a significant challenge with how it will perpetuate and nurture bright, young professional people. We need to assure they will be available to distribute products and services in the future. Baby boomers are retiring and will continue to retire, or at least acknowledge that one day on the horizon they might not work full time. Yes, there are lots of indications they can and will work well beyond the traditional retirement age of 65. But who will be closing deals and driving new business in 10 to 15 years? The answer is simple: members of younger generations.