Richard Pfadenhauer

Founder & President, Paylogix
Richard Pfadenhauer
Richard Pfadenhauer, President and Founder of Paylogix earned an advanced degree in physical chemistry and began his career as a process automation engineer; he wasn’t always in the insurance and employee benefits business. In the early 1990’s Rich spent most of his time traveling around the country consulting with utilities and staff at nuclear power facilities. With a demanding schedule, leaving Monday and returning on Friday, he was unable to spend time with his kids.
He left the engineering consulting company, earned his insurance license, and started selling insurance in the New York which allowed him to spend more time with his family. Richard began his career in the insurance industry as an agent for CIGNA in 1989.
While working in the insurance industry, he soon discovered the challenges his clients were experiencing around billing and premium reconciliation. After diving in and fixing his client’s billing issues, he looked for a solution for multi-carrier and product billing and he found none and saw a gap that needed to be filled. At that point, Rich thought “I can build this!”
Paylogix, a third-party administrator was born when Rich launched an online, cloud-based system for billing and premium payment in 1995. Rich’s company, Paylogix works with 24% of the Fortune 1000 and processes over $650,000,000 in premium. Rich built a cloud-based billing solution in the late 1990s when ‘cloud based’ was a relatively unknown term. Beginning in the mid-1990s, Richard participated in several events sponsored by the worksite benefits community. Rich and other technology innovators educated fellow industry members about moving the business from a paper-based system to an electronic platform. He championed the value of electronic enrollment, Consolidated Billing® and Common Remitter® Services. The impact of these innovations can be seen today. When Voluntary Benefits are offered to employees, the broker and employer are often thinking about the billing, reconciliation and premium payment for the employee paid benefits—Consolidated Billing® and Common Remitter® makes this process flow efficiently for everyone.
Over the last 20 years he has worked to improve, refine and perfect his systems and processes to what they have become today.
Richard is a forward-thinking CEO that’s passionate about his work, empowering employees, maintaining a positive company culture, and providing high-quality customer service. Rich’s dedication and tenacity, willingness to set the bar and stay ahead of the technology curve demonstrate his leadership. His commitment to clients and delivering an effective product has helped to shape the voluntary benefits industry into what it is today.