Innovative Enrollment Solutions, LLC

Workplace Benefits Renaissance 2018 - Innovative Enrollment Solutions, LLC

Through our iEnrollsolutions Employee Benefits Enrollment System we provide safe and secure self-hosted, managed-hosted, and software-as-a-service solutions to facilitate enrollment of core benefits and supplemental health care coverage. Our intuitive platform supports Agent Assisted enrollments, Call Center enrollment, Self-enrollment enrollment scenarios or a combination of all of these enrollment needs. Additionally our platform has a leave behind Benefits Administration Portal as well.

Our market-proven solutions make the process of collecting and disseminating subscriber data clean, simple, and far more cost-effective (and environmentally friendly) than traditional paper-based insurance enrollment solutions. Our configurable and extensible platform was radically designed to meet the needs of any enrollment scenario. Our team is uniquely qualified and positioned to service any type of online enrollment needs, particularly when serving insurance carriers. We possess:
  • A combined forty-plus years of software engineering expertise.
  • Over thirty-five years of server, desktop and network knowledge and experience.
  • Thirty years of experience working directly within the insurance industry.
  • More than a combined, five decades of direct, successful client and technical services and support.

Our Microsoft Gold-certified engineering team has created software solutions for many different business segments, including solutions for; insurance, financial services, medical device, healthcare, and media high tech industries. Our extensive, radically driven, engineering expertise affords us the ability to design software products around the latest in database design and security tools from foundation companies like Microsoft and others, while strictly adhering to industry standard best practices for software design, engineering, deployment and testing.