Adam Maggio

CEO and Owner , Enrollmynt™
Adam Maggio
Adam Maggio, CEO and owner of New York, NY based Enrollmynt™ has been successfully implementing and managing enrollments for over 15 years with benefit brokers across the country. Adam has coordinated enrollments in 26 states with companies as large as 22,000 employees, in nearly every industry.

Adam is a go to resource for all of the top 10 brokers in the United States. Brokers call on him for help in designing and implementing multi-year benefit communication strategies that are designed to drive employee engagement, reduce health care costs, and increase participation in corporate sponsored wellness programs.

Enrollmynt™ is developing propriety software to insure the broker is being compensated properly by the carriers and that the highest level of employee experience at the worksite is the end result. Some of those programs include; commission audits, live enrollment monitoring, and making sure that employees are not being oversold at the worksite.

Enrollmynt™ prides themselves on face to face employee benefit communications. All of their benefits counselors are pre-vetted, licensed, and insured. The average tenure of one of their benefit counselors is 9.4 years and works full time in the industry. With live enrollment monitoring, Enrolllmynt™ is able to control quality at the worksite during a stressful time of the year for most employees.

Collectively, Enrollmynt™ managing partners have over 100 years of benefit communication experience, more than 15,000 corporate accounts, and have written in excess of $525 million in total premiums. Enrollmynt™ has done this while maintaining a 93% persistency on the policies written.

Prior to founding Enrollmynt™, Adam Maggio was a pioneer in the voluntary benefits space, before they were mandatory. He grew organizations and developed systems to increase distribution for the largest Fortune 500 carrier in the space. Adam has also received every conceivable award, from any of the carriers he has partnered with.

Adam is originally from the central New Jersey area and now resides in Hoboken. When he’s not helping brokers execute strategies, Adam spends his time in the summer boating on the Jersey Shore and in the winters, snowmobiling in upstate NY.