Allison De Paoli

Founder, De Paoli Professional Services
Allison De Paoli
Few benefits professionals today understand the financial side of a company’s benefits program. Allison De Paoli is one of the few who knows how to manage your benefits budget to reduce healthcare costs, which will drive new EBITDA to your bottom line.

She is a contributing author of the new book, BREAKING THROUGH THE STATUS QUO: How Innovative Companies Are Changing The Benefits Game To Help Their Employees AND Boosting Their Bottom Line and a regular contributor to EBA.

A veteran of the insurance and benefits industry, Allison began her career in the Greater Washington DC area and later moved to Florida to work in her family’s employee benefits firm as Vice President of Operations; a job that included applying supply chain management strategies to the benefits spend to help employers add EBITDA to their bottom line, control the cost curve AND provide competitive benefits. The firm was an early adopter of Enhanced Benefits (formerly known as Voluntary Benefits) and pioneered the integration of traditional and enhanced benefits to reduce the employers spend and enhance the employees’ plan.

After moving to San Antonio TX in 2000, she became a top 1% sales producer with a leading Enhanced Benefits carrier specializing in large group and multi-state enrollments.

Allison founded De Paoli Professional Services in 2015, allowing her to deliver best in class Enhanced Benefits as well as effective enrollment and implementation strategies. De Paoli Professional Services specializes in the mid-market case size (50 – 1,000 employees) ensuring that this underserved population has access to the best products, enrollment solutions and enrollment teams in the industry.