Darlene Dillon

President & Case Coordinator, Darlene Dillon Solutions
Darlene Dillion
Darlene Dillon has been working in the insurance industry for over 30 years. She currently resides in Southern New Jersey with her husband John. She started her career in the life insurance market and eventually moved into the world of voluntary benefits over 20 years ago. She credits her success in being able to offer the right fit for each client when it comes to product and services in the face of rapidly evolving and changing markets.
Darlene specializes in working with brokers and HR departments to ensure that the correct technology is used to increase participation, communication and compliance. She also helps placing the correct voluntary and ancillary lines to control the rising cost of healthcare.
Maintaining great relationships, coupled with keeping a pulse on all of the implementation pieces to make sure that everything gets to the finish line at the same time successfully is what she does best. The ability to juggle these roles didn’t just develop through professional experience, it also came from having a husband and 3 children – all with different personalities, activities, schedules, and demands. It was adapt or die trying. She has learned to be adaptable to specific group needs to get things done the proper way - whether it is an old fashioned face to face enrollment or utilizing cutting edge technology.