John Sbrocco

Healthcare Strategist, Principal, Questige
John W. Sbrocco
As a leading healthcare risk manager and benefits consultant, John Sbrocco, CSFS has built a reputation based on transparency and results. Most notably, John’s clients often point to his ability to implement complex risk management solutions in a way that’s digestible, actionable and more importantly, measurable.

These core values along with John’s skill set fueled the success of John’s two companies, Questige and Achieve Health Alliance. With innovative healthcare solutions as a deep-rooted passion, John has just completed Beyond The Status Quo, a book written with the intention to drive the conversation of how to disrupt the current state of rising cost, by strategically enhancing benefits.

• Certified Self-Funding Specialist
• Association for Insurance Leadership
• Agency Growth Mastermind
• Author of Beyond The Status Quo