Rachel Pennington

Partner and VP of Operations, Silverman Benefits Group
Rachel Pennington
Rachel Pennington, Partner and VP of Operations of nationally recognized and honored Silverman Benefits Group (SBG), has successfully implemented and managed benefit enrollments for nearly a decade.

Rachel has coordinated and participated in benefit counselor guided enrollments in more than 20 states with companies as large as 20,000 employees’. She has helped accounts in nearly every industry, while managing projects and teams as large as 120 licensed agents throughout the country.

Rachel specializes in the analysis and go-to market strategy for SBG’s national broker partners to develop and implement effective enhanced benefit portfolios that dovetail with their employer client’s group medical. Through this partnership, their mutual clients are better served and avoid product redundancy and wasteful overspend.

Rachel was published in Employee Benefit News magazine, October 11, 2017, unveiling the dangers of working directly with carrier reps instead of consulting with strategic brokers. “Are your enhanced benefits, formerly known as ‘voluntary benefits,’ in line with your broker’s overall strategy or your carrier reps’ sales agenda?”

When not traveling to see broker partners and employer clients, Rachel resides on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.