Ray Johnson

VP, Workplace Banking, BOFI Federal Bank
Ray Johnson
Ray Johnson is the VP of the WorkPlace Banking Employee Financial Wellness Program at BofI Federal Bank. BofI is a leader in developing best in class banking products and services designed to help employees lead better financial lives.

Ray has spent the last 15years working with Fortune 1,000 companies to increase employee productivity, improve retention, help firms become employer’s of choice and improve the firm’s employee net-promoter score. Employee Financial Wellness was his passion for years and today Ray is focused on the financial issues employees face, their causes, the impact these issues have on the firm and developing common sense solutions that firms can deploy to help employees live a better financial life.

There are many parallels between Financial Wellness today and the challenges firms faced twenty years ago when “Health Wellness” became a hot topic. The primary challenge today is the lack of short term financial wellness tools, products and solutions that can have an immediate impact on employees’ financial health. Ray will talk about why HR leaders are struggling to solve their Financial Wellness challenges and how Benefit Consultants can help.

Ray holds a BA in Economics from Rutgers University, an MBA in Marketing, and a Master’s in Finance(MSF) from the Carroll School of Management at Boston College.