Next-generation benefits strategy for every generation in the workplace.

Workplace professionals have never before faced such sharply segmented, multi-generational workforces. From the traditional needs of "the silent generation" to the emerging expectations of Generations Y and Z, creating and delivering balanced benefits programs that cover widely different motivations and values has never been so challenging.

Workplace Benefits Renaissance 2020 is designed to develop and connect peer-to-peer mentors from across the country, provide resources, offer guidance, and share best practices – so you can grow your benefits practice and successfully address today’s multi-generational marketplace.

Whatever the challenges and trends, WBR helps you solve them by convening brokers, agents, advisers and service providers – at just the right scale to enable effective networking. We focus on emerging technology, new products, and critical strategic insights, all in an intimate environment for connecting you with 400+ colleagues across your professional community.

Connect with the rising stars and established leaders taking benefits to the next level.

Attendees come from 40 states, and include benefit brokers, advisers, consultants, HR professionals, insurance carrier executives and technology providers. Workplace Benefits Renaissance connects you with emerging and established industry leaders to discuss new, disruptive ideas that will fuel growth strategies for your benefits practice.

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