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10 career-advancing personal marketing steps
Everyone in the workforce, irrespective of stature or level therein, must be mindful of one critical truth: Your brand goes wherever you go, because your “brand” is you. Those seeking to move forward in their career would do well to embrace the “You, Inc." concept — the philosophy that you are the CEO, the administrative and financial manager, the research and development manager, the marketing manager and the sales manager of your own career — whether you are entry-level or a seasoned executive.

Like any important, high-level managerial position, it's imperative to conduct yourself accordingly to successfully navigate today's cut throat competitive, ever-evolving job market. Long gone are the days where simply showing up and working hard would ensure you had a job for life. Now, advisers at every level must continually assess, maintain and proactively demonstrate their employability to prove, without any doubt, the value they bring to the position, department and company at large. While there are many factors involved in achieving this ongoing feat, a key way to achieve this is through personal marketing.

Personal branding, which you may already be familiar with, and personal marketing are two separate but interrelated aspects of You, Inc. With personal branding, your name is your brand and you want to assure its visibility and favorable image. Personal marketing is the strategic development and marketing of that brand — a means of achieving your personal branding goals and objectives.

The following 10 methodologies will guide advisers, step by step, through key personal marketing processes that will not only strengthen personal brand but will also help develop and improve current employability and overall career potential.