Top 25 companies to work for

With historically low unemployment, employers across the nation are aiming to recruit and retain top talent to help their businesses grow. Some employers, of course, are doing a better job than others.

Now in its 11th edition, Glassdoor’s 2019 “Best Places to Work” list is based on employee-submitted reviews collected between Oct. 23, 2017 and Oct. 21, 2018. To be eligible, an organization needed to receive at least 75 employee reviews within the past year and must employ 1,000 or more workers.

Employee rankings are based on a 5-point scale ranging from very dissatisfied (1.0) to very satisfied (5.0). Actual calculations extend beyond the thousandth decimal place.

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8. SmileBrands.PNG
25. Smile Brands
Glassdoor ranking: 4.4

The Irvine, California-based dental service organization “has very high standards and is a great company to work for if you are a driven individual,” according to one employee review. Employer-verified benefits include employee assistance programs, maternity leave and dependent care.
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.PNG
24. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Glassdoor ranking: 4.4

LLNL’s mission is to strengthen the United States’ security through the development and application of world-class science and technology. “They do not run you into the ground,” writes one reviewer. “They allow you to explore where you're happiest and may pay for additional education needed.” Employer-verified perks include charitable gift matching, tuition assistance and professional development programs.
23. Trader Joe’s
Glassdoor ranking: 4.4

The California-based grocer has “great coworkers, positive atmosphere and great pay and benefits,” writes one employee. “We are provided with pretty flexible scheduling, since we use an app that allows us, to some extent, to select our own availability for scheduling each week.”
22. Sammons Financial Group
Glassdoor ranking: 4.4

The financial services company, headquartered in West Des Moines, Iowa, “focuses on their employees and wants them to thrive and be the best they can every day,” writes one worker. The company offers an employee stock ownership program, charitable gift matching and professional development perks, according to the employer verified data.
21. Ryan
Glassdoor ranking: 4.4

The tax services and software provided, based out of Dallas, offers a “positive work environment” and “good benefits,” says one employee.

“It’s a professional organization that offers growth for those who seek it and desire it,” echoes another employee. “Work and life balance is achievable at Ryan. Overall, a great company to work for.”

Some of the employer-verified perks include adoption assistance, sabbaticals and tuition assistance programs.
20. Paylocity
Glassdoor ranking: 4.4

“I never thought it was possible to have an office job you love going to,” one employee notes of the staffing and outsourcing company, which is based in Schaumburg, Illinois. “Paylocity treats their employees with the utmost respect. They have amazing benefits, great flexibility, and are nothing less than understanding when it comes to your personal life.”

Benefits verified by the employer include remote working, flexible hours and an employee stock purchase plan.
19. McKinsey.PNG
19. McKinsey & Co.
Glassdoor ranking: 4.4

The New York City consulting agency has “unyielding commitment to learning and development of all colleagues,” one employee write. “Remains terrific training ground for future entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 management alike.”

Some of the employer-verified perks include fertility assistance, adoption assistance and reduced or flexible hours.
2. UltimateSoftware1.PNG
18. Ultimate Software
Glassdoor ranking: 4.4

The Florida-based software company boasts an impressive culture, employees say. “Everything about Ultimate is awesome. They truly care about employees and give you all the tools to do your job. Best company ever,” one employee writes. Some of the benefits the employer offers include in vitro fertility treatment coverage, unlimited personal time off and 10 Weeks paid maternity/adoption leave.
4. DocuSign.PNG
17. DocuSign
Glassdoor ranking: 4.4

The San Francisco-based software company is a “second family,” one employee writes. “Politics are kept away and the environment is friendly. The opportunity to grow within the company.” Some of the employer-verified benefits include charitable gift matching, fertility assistance and dependent care.
15. HubSpot.PNG
16. HubSpot
Glassdoor ranking: 4.4

“While at HubSpot I have seen a massive effort to improve internal tools and to ensure people have what they need to get the job done,” says one employee of the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based marketing technology firm. According to Glassdoor, the employer-verified benefits include stock options, flexible hours and a pet-friendly workplace.
10., Power Homes.PNG
15. Power Home Remodeling
Glassdoor ranking: 4.4

The construction company, based out of Chester, Pennsylvania, is a place where workers want to be, according to employee reviews.

“Opportunities for growth within the company,” says one worker. “Power loves their employees and gives back to us as well as gives back to the local community.”
14. Slalom
Glassdoor ranking: 4.4

“Great culture, beyond what I thought existed,” one employee says of the Seattle-based consulting firm. “People are at the center of everything that gets done and it's a highly aligned leadership team. Great work for consultants and lots of opportunity.”

Some of the employer-verified benefits include flexible scheduling, professional development and employee assistance programs.
14. St. Jude.PNG
13. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Glassdoor ranking: 4.4

The healthcare nonprofit, based out of Memphis, Tenn., is a “truly great place to work,” in part because of its commitment to work-life balance, employees say.

According to one worker, “The staff is truly amazing! I have never worked for a company where most people smile, say hello or good morning every single day, the security guard says good morning while standing in the rain stopping traffic for you to cross, and employees high five you and say welcome home when they find out you are new. I feel the people make a workplace, but in addition to amazing people, the benefits St. Jude provides are immeasurable. The company not only cares for their patients, but their staff as well.”
Intuitive Surgical.PNG
12. Intuitive Surgical
Glassdoor ranking: 4.4

At the medical device manufacturer, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, “culture is great, everyone is empowered to be themselves,” one worker writes. “The technology and the sheer number of different projects going on at the same time are astounding, definitely not a company that's resting on its laurels even as the market leader in robotic surgery.” Some of the benefits verified on Glassdoor include flexible scheduling, tuition assistance and stock options.
6. Salesforce.PNG
11. Salesforce
Glassdoor ranking: 4.4

“When you join the company, everyone is there for you, to help you learn and do the best you can. Six months in, it's still the same,” reads one review of the San Francisco software company. “In addition, the culture of the company is great. Not only are you encouraged to support your colleagues but you're also encouraged to help the community. Volunteering is a big part of the company and trust and customer success are one of our most important values.”

Included in the employer-verified perks are paid time off to volunteer, a pet-friendly workplace and adoption assistance.
3. SouthWest.PNG
10. Southwest Airlines
Glassdoor ranking: 4.4

“Culture promotes individualism and doing your thing to make the customers come back for more,’ reads one employee review of the Dallas headquartered airliner.

“We do some really cool stuff and we are true to who we are. Even our CEO says the employees are #1,” another reviewer writes. According to Glassdoor, some of the employer-verified benefits include an employee stock purchase plan, fertility assistance and tuition assistance programs.
16. Lululemon.PNG
9. Lululemon
Glassdoor ranking: 4.4

The Canadian athletic apparel store has a “company culture that allows you to take so much away,” reads one review. “I loved being a part of the retail store team of my local Lululemon. They do an excellent job coaching you in the ways of giving and receiving feedback, making meaningful connections with guests and each other, and not to mention emphasize the importance of balance.” The company recently expanded its benefits, offering full-time employees three to six months of paid parental leave.
17. Google.PNG
8. Google
Glassdoor ranking: 4.4

“Working at Google is truly amazing. The best people, perks, and awesome company culture with lots of opportunities for growth,” one reviewer reads of the California-based tech titan. Last year, Google launched a new online education program to certify people for work in information technology support, part of the internet giant’s philanthropic push around job training.
7. Facebook
Glassdoor ranking: 4.5

“Tons of incredible perks, benefits, time off, autonomy,” one reviewer writes of the social media giant. “They are far ahead of the curve when it comes to diversity and inclusion. From the minute you start you'll feel comfortable and valued already. Management genuinely cares about your development and personal goals.”

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5. LinkedIn.PNG
6. LinkedIn
Glassdoor ranking: 4.5

The professional social media site has a culture that is “really positive,” one employee writes. “People genuinely seem happy to be working there,” the review continues. “Employees are talented, driven and very smart.”

The company says it surveys its employees twice a year to better understand what they want from the employer — and LinkedIn tweaks its practices and policies based on that feedback.
18. Boston Consulting.PNG
5. Boston Consulting Group
Glassdoor ranking: 4.5

“Best work and life balance, amazing benefits, amazing people and most importantly a people first focused company,” writes one employee of the Boston-based consulting group.

“Excellent colleagues and work environment. Great place to develop your skills and grow as a professional,” writes a second reviewer.
4. Procore Technologies
Glassdoor ranking: 4.5

“Procore has all of the typical new age tech company perks: unlimited time off, snacks, beer, bring your dog to work and free lunch on Wednesdays,” writes one reviewer of the Carpinteria, California-based cloud-based construction management software company. “The culture is pretty easy going and everyone is pretty relaxed for the most part, depending on the department.”

Some of the employer-verified benefits include paid time off to volunteer, a pet-friendly workplace and professional development training opportunities.
In and Out burger homepage.PNG
3. In-and-Out Burger
Glassdoor ranking: 4.5

“You get to work with amazing people and you have great opportunities to advance both in store and corporate,” says one employee of the California-headquartered fast-food company. “They offer great training and have a great support structure.”
Zoom Video.PNG
2. Zoom Video Communications
Glassdoor ranking: 4.5

“Great Benefits, great work environment and free snacks,” says one employee of the San Jose, California-based provider of video conferencing and group meeting IT services.

“Absolutely blown away by Eric [Yuan] - the CEO,” another employee writes. “Incredible leader, humble, has an open door policy, and is a true team player. The company culture has been built off of those principles and even through the major growth stage the company is at right now, they have still been able to maintain that as the foundation.”
19. Bain & Company.PNG
1. Bain & Co.
Glassdoor ranking: 4.6

“I am blown away by the culture of this company and tremendously proud to be a Bainie,” says one employee of the Boston-headquartered consulting firm. “The talent Bain attracts is both notable and impressive. This company demands a lot but also invests in you like no other. The environment is progressive and engaging. You have an opportunity to develop and grow here that is allows you to get as much out of it as you choose to give.”

Mental healthcare, adoption assistance, flexible scheduling and tuition assistance are a part of the employer-verified benefits the company offers.