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From popular perks to healthcare challenges, benefit brokers must remain in the know for the myriad issues impacting employers. These popular lists compiled over the year contain key data points that can help when advising clients on trends in benefits management.

In addition, Employee Benefit Adviser partnered with data analytics firm miEdge to compile some of the best insurance carriers across different offerings.

Below, we compiled the most popular lists of 2018 based on page views.

10. 2018 Top Women in Benefit Advising

Industry leaders whose unique client management strategies, innovative data manipulation and other industry-leading skills are transforming the field.

9. The top 25 large-group disability carriers in the US

This list showcases the top 25 disability carriers in the U.S. Companies were ranked based on in-force premiums for both short- and long-term group disability plans.
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8. Top 25 large-group life insurance companies

These are the top 25 large-group life carriers in the United States. Companies were ranked based on in-force life premiums.

7. Top 25 voluntary carriers

For this list, we introduced the top 25 large-group voluntary insurance carriers in the country. Companies were ranked based on new business/enrolled voluntary product insurance premiums as reported on their Form 5500 Filings. Only one employer filing for its most recent plan year is reported in these numbers.
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6. 29 jobs with the best work-life balance

Employees are putting more and more on their plates, making it challenging to remove themselves from work to get a recharge. These jobs, however, break the mold and allow workers to find the time to unwind.
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5. 2018 Rising Stars in Advising

Twenty standout advisers ages 35 and younger are taking charge of the future of employee benefits, determined to reduce costs and improve client outcomes.
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4. 11 benefits that tempt workers to leave

Employees say they are likely to move to a new employer for perks such as flexible schedules, bonuses and paid leave.
A blood pressure monitor stands in the diagnostic imaging area at the Hong Kong Integrated Oncology Centre in Hong Kong, China, on Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2015. Equipped with biopsy facilities, body scanners, and quiet 'VIP' chemotherapy rooms, the Hong Kong Integrated Oncology Centre is the first of a string of such facilities that TE Asia Healthcare Partners, a portfolio company funded by TPG Capital, is planning in Asia. Photographer: Xaume Olleros/Bloomberg

3. Top 10 health conditions costing employers the most

Arthritis, obesity and depression are among the ailments having the biggest impact on rising plan costs, according to research from the International Foundation of Employee Benefits Plans.

2. 15 employee benefits on the decline

Not every workplace perk is on the rise. Here are the offerings that are not as popular as they once were, according to the Society for Human Resource Management’s annual benefits survey.
Medical examination tools hang on a wall in an exam room at Perry Memorial Hospital in Princeton, Illinois, U.S., on Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2017. Senate in both political parties say they've reached agreement on fixes to stabilize Obamacare just two weeks before Americans start signing up for 2018 coverage. Photographer: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

1. 10 worst states for healthcare

Your clients should pay attention to this popular list: These states rank lowest when it comes to health costs, access and outcomes, according to new analysis from financial site WalletHub.