4 easy strategies to help clients recruit and retain talent

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In recent years, the labor market has contracted and the job market has expanded. Employers are searching for top talent but face greater competition. Many companies are struggling to retain employees once they are hired and not lose them to competitors after only a year or two of work.

Attracting and retaining new employees is consistently one of the top employer challenges year after year, according to data from Zywave’s annual broker services survey. Sharing talent management tips with your clients is an easy way you can add and help employers address this major pain point.

The following are four ways you can advise your clients to utilize technology to recruit and retain talented employees.


Benefits benchmarking

Offering a competitive benefits package is becoming increasingly important, especially to the younger workforce. But how do employers know what is competitive? There are tech tools available that can help your clients evaluate their current benefits package using benchmarking data specific to the industry, size, plan type and region. This type of tool can identify areas within their plan that may need improvement to help attract top talent.
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Telecommuting and flexible scheduling

One of the beauties of technology is that it opens up opportunities for flexibility. With employees being connected to work 24/7 through tech, the nine to five workday no longer exists. The younger generation of employees is used to working around the clock and many expect greater flexibility when it comes to the time spent in the physical office space. Employers that offer telecommuting and a flexible work schedule can have a real competitive advantage over less accommodating companies.
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Staff training and onboarding

The massive investment of time and resources dedicated to training new employees is a pain point for nearly every company in every industry. Leveraging technology for training not only enables new employees to learn independently, but it also standardizes the onboarding process so employers know everyone is receiving accurate, consistent messages. Proper training helps empower employees, building both their confidence in their role and the business. Additionally, in states that require certain training courses, online tools can be used to educate, track and report completion, so staff remains in compliance.

Online networking

One of the most efficient ways to identify and engage with top talent is through LinkedIn. There are a variety of ways to leverage the power of LinkedIn in recruiting efforts — some that help potential employees find a company and others that help an employer find them. For example, building out a company’s profile with detailed information and keywords and posting regular updates helps job hunters more easily find you and learn about who you are and what you do. Your clients can also seek out potential employees proactively through their network of connections, by using the platform’s sophisticated search function or by posting open job opportunities on their LinkedIn page.