5 strategies to help employees make the most of their dental benefits


An organization that prioritizes its employees’ health automatically invests in their productivity, which yields long-term benefits for the company. Maintaining oral health can play an integral part in a person’s self-confidence, boosting the overall well-being of your organization.

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Employers should take steps to encourage better oral health and hygiene measures in their workforce. Strategies include health awareness camps, employee wellness programs, promoting healthy eating and hygiene habits, regular oral checkups, and making it a priority within the organization’s health policy.

Below are some tips that human resource professionals can implement to help employees maintain their oral health in order to boost productivity and keep dental-care costs low.

Don’t miss regular dental check-ups

A regular dental checkup is essential to detecting any risks of diseases in the future. But people often tend to skip, delay and miss their dental checkup appointments. As an employer, you can encourage employees to take up a regular oral health assessment through a dental plan benefit in order maintain good oral hygiene and health.

Oral health is the gateway to overall health

Gum diseases can lead to more serious illnesses like high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, lung infections and more. Studies suggest that people who have periodontal disease have a 28% increased chance of suffering from a heart disease or a heart attack. Including a group dental plan is a low-cost investment that yields high results in the long run. Such incentives can be an attractive addition to the company’s compensation package.

Encouraging healthy choices around the office

Eventually, employees will head back to the physical office after working from home due to the pandemic. Once we return, employers should incentivize oral care by encouraging qualitative lifestyle changes. The cafeteria of your organization can provide healthy options that promote healthy habits, like fruits, salads, sugar free yogurt and more. Implementing a reward program for employees who improve their nutrition can also be a fun way to promote healthy choices.

Offering non-medical employee benefits

Dental insurance as a non-medical benefit is a small cost to the organization, but it can go a long way in positioning you as a caring employer. It also depicts that you are concerned about the overall well-being of your organization and believe in inclusive growth.