Magazine Issue Year 2020

Meet EBS Insurance Brokers adviser Josie Martinez, who combines her passion for law and benefits to combat COVID-19. Plus, learn how leaders in retirement, technology, voluntary, and wellness benefits managed through a historic crisis
November 4
The post-pandemic workplace is presenting new challenges for employer healthcare and return-to-work plans. Experts weigh in on how your clients can reduce costs — and manage the changing employee experience
September 2
Our Top Women in Benefit Advising for 2020 are making their mark on the industry with their ambition, innovation and leadership.
June 25
The coronavirus pandemic confronts advisers with new challenges — and opportunities — as demand for wellness and telemedicine plans surges
April 23
The BUCAH health insurers Blue Cross Blue Shield, UnitedHealthcare and others are deepening their digital footprints — and bolstering their value props
March 30
A new generation of advisers takes center stage with new strategies and perspectives for a changing benefits industry.
February 4