Are there advantages to signing up for Social Security and Medicare at the same time?

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Are there advantages to signing up for Social Security and Medicare at the same time?
Filing Social Security and signing up for Medicare at the same time could be a great strategy for seniors, as retirees would avoid an increase in Medicare premiums if they are already on Social Security, according to this article on personal finance website Motley Fool. However, while retirees can sign up for Medicare at age 65, filing for Social Security before full retirement age could mean reduced benefits. Because of this, some seniors will be better off waiting until FRA to file for Social Security, as any savings on Medicare premiums by signing up for both programs simultaneously won't be enough to offset the reduction in benefits.

The stock market’s wild swings can offer valuable money lessons
The stock market teaches investors to manage their expectations and get ready for surprises, writes an expert on MarketWatch. "If you’re investing for retirement, for example, you must be willing and able to sit with the distress of downturns and not get too excited by rallies," says the expert. "To make investing a lifelong learning process, remember your ABCs: always be curious. Investors should study the great investors, looking closely at their mistakes, according to the article.

Land a better job in 2019
An economist says that the New Year is poised to bring better employment opportunities for workers, according to this article on Fox Business. “This is the strongest job market in a generation,” says the expert, adding that workers should not "think about flashy perks” when looking for a new employer. “The three traditional ones — health insurance, paid time off, and the 401(K) match — are the benefits that drive long-term satisfaction at work.”

Unanticipated responsibility: How will caring for others impact your retirement?
Retirement planning presents more challenges for clients who need to care for their aging parents while preparing for the golden years, writes a Forbes contributor. Clients who face the responsibility of looking after older loved ones while planning for retirement are advised to determine the financial resources to cover their loved ones' needs and ensure that the elders carry health insurance, writes the expert. They should also ensure that they are authorized to make decisions for their elders and they also have their own support system.

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