Businessolver launches tool for more streamlined benefits experience

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Businessolver, a benefits administration company, has launched the Pinnacle Partnerships Program, a platform meant to make it easier for members to enroll in benefits programs, and improve data exchange and management.

The goal of the program is to create better experiences for Businessolver’s employer clients and brokers by harmonizing data and establishing common processes for all its partners. Allstate Benefits, Cigna, Pets Best, The Hartford, Voya, and Unum all participate in the Pinnacle Program, which focuses on voluntary benefit products and services, Businessolver says.

“One of the biggest problems that we’re trying to solve is the shortage of great talent,” says Mike Meyerring, vice president of Businessolver’s benefits innovation group. “Our clients are continuously trying to figure out how they can add more benefits and brokers are trying to help them find the additional products to round out their benefits package.”

Businessolver found that employers and brokers were having these conversations in silos, Meyerring says. Businessolver would implement a product where a carrier didn’t have the proper technology or integration, resulting in a poor user experience for the employee enrolling and using the benefit. Similar issues arose with employers struggling to add more benefits.

“We knew this was a problem that existed and really sought out the carriers to say, we can make this a better experience for the employees to enroll and use the product,” Meyerring says. “If those two things are great, employees will value the product and it will get rid of all the friction points that can exist when making connections between carriers and benefit administration platforms. Ultimately, this is what the broker is looking for as well.”

Businessolver is looking to expand and partners already involved with the program, say they are excited to take advantage of the company’s more streamlined and cohesive benefits platform.

“The Businessolver team has been a strong advocate for employer and employee education, and the critical and growing importance of supplemental health solutions,” says Rob Grubka, president of employee benefits at Voya Financial. “As a Pinnacle Partner, we look forward to continuing to work with Businessolver to build on our shared success in delivering on-time and high-quality plan builds in advance of enrollment; key administrative services such as billing and post-enrollment reporting; and more to help employers and employees achieve financial wellness.”

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