Embrace change or become ‘irrelevant’

2020 Rising Stars
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As a high school student, Brandon Burroughs, now vice president of Bolton & Co., landed a job as a bellman and valet, which instilled in him a love of customer service. Jillian Foss, an associate adviser at Baldwin Krystyn Sherman Partners, had a great mentor who helped guide her path toward becoming an adviser. For Zain Hasan, managing director at Risk Strategies Co., it was his brother who steered him toward work in health insurance, after Hasan abandoned his early plans to become a doctor.

They just represent a sample of the 20 advisers of this year’s class of 2020 Rising Stars in Advising, our annual list of young leaders expecting big changes in healthcare, regulation and benefits technology that will keep advisers busy as they navigate the changing landscape.

“Our industry is unique in the interconnectedness we share with our federal and state governments,” Burroughs tells us. “My prediction is that there will continue to be a lot of change for employers in this area, which will challenge us as consultants to stay current in federal and state changes.”

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Technology will continue to expand in how advisers communicate with clients and serve their employees, he adds. “This makes me more excited than anything else to see that our industry can catch up with mainstream culture in 2020,” he says.

His prediction for 2020? Less reliance on paper records as the industry shifts more to digital records.

Hasan similarly says technology will transform “every facet of what we do and our role will be to either evolve into supply-chain consultants for healthcare delivery or to find ourselves irrelevant.”

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Hasan spoke to associate editor Amanda Schiavo for our annual feature on how he is driving industry change through entrepreneurship. After launching two businesses with the goal of helping employers and their employees find the best care and benefits solutions on the market, while staying true to his community-based values and early days working as a hospital volunteer, he is off to a strong start.

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