Glassdoor upgrades tools to ease the recruitment process

One of Glassdoor's website upgrades allows job seekers to compare two companies at once.
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Glassdoor wants to take the frustration out of the hiring process, for both employers and job seekers.

One in three adults plan to look for a new job this year, according to the latest employee survey by Glassdoor. January sees 22% more job applications than any other month in the year, and employees told Glassdoor the most difficult part of job searching is keeping all their applications organized. These new upgrades, announced Thursday, hope to streamline the process of searching, applying and hiring for both parties.

“Today’s job seekers have choices when it comes to choosing where to work, which means employers today are competing for top talent,” says Amelia Green-Vamos, employer communications manager at Glassdoor. “Glassdoor has introduced several innovations to help companies get an edge and recruit quality candidates at scale.”

Glassdoor overhauled their Employer Center, and employers will have more control over their company pages. A feature called “Affiliated Profiles” allows employers to group all their businesses under a parent company page, making it easier for job seekers to see an organization’s structure. Another feature, “Nested Profiles,” allows employers to create individual Glassdoor pages for specific departments within a company.

“[These] profiles allow a company to better represent their corporate family, give better visibility to all of their affiliated companies and jobs and give job seekers an inside look at what it’s like to work in a specific division of their business,” Green-Vamos says.

The new Employer Center also comes with at-a-glance metrics, showing employers in real time how many job seekers are looking at their listings. When a promising candidate applies to one, employers can message them directly through Glassdoor.

“Now employers can send, receive and review all of their candidate messages in one place, helping employers find a better match, faster,” Green-Vamos says.

Job applicants will also be able to connect with companies they’re interested in through the “Collections” feature. Job seekers can browse and save job listings on a mobile app and take notes as they research the positions and companies they’re interested in. Glassdoor also introduced a “Company Compare” section, which compiles employee reported data from two companies and displays them side by side so job seekers can compare two companies at once.

“Searching for a new job is already typically stressful. It can also be a scattered and disjointed experience, with people bouncing between multiple tools and resources to manage and track the many different stages of the job search process,” says Paul Goldshteyn, mobile product lead at Glassdoor. “We are offering a first-of-its-kind tool that allows people to more easily organize their entire job search from start to finish.”

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