How clients may be sabotaging their retirement plans

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How clients may be sabotaging their retirement plans
Investors who focus too much on market volatility and allow it to get into their decisions are likely to ruin their retirement plan, according to this article from Money. They also put their retirement at risk by not boosting their savings rate and by being too optimistic about market returns. Those who expect to stay longer on their jobs could also sabotage their retirement prospects, as research shows that many people are forced to retire early because of medical conditions and other problems.

How many funds are really needed for diversification?
Retirement investors should not hold too many investment types but diversify their portfolio with the goal of optimizing returns without taking on too much risk exposure, according to this article from CNNMoney. Those who want to add more to their already diversified holdings are advised to aim for a mix bag of stocks and bonds that is geared for growth and safety. Their holdings should also mirror the overall makeup of the stock and bond market, and they should keep the investment costs low.

These tactics will protect retirement income from taxes
Retirees are advised to use qualified dividends, long-term capital gains and tax-free municipal bond yields to minimize their tax liability, especially if they own big taxable investment accounts, according to this article from CNBC. They should also take advantage of the tax-saving strategies when covering healthcare expenses and contributing to a charity, and opt for tax location optimization when choosing the type of investments to hold in their accounts. Taking distributions from tax-deferred accounts in the early years of retirement can be a smart move, as retirees are likely to be in a lower tax bracket during these years.

How saving too much money could actually backfire
Saving more for retirement can be a bad idea if it prevents clients from enjoying life and it causes them unnecessary stress, according to this article on Kiplinger. Clients should strike a balance between their current needs and retirement savings, socking away enough money to fund their golden years. Consulting a financial adviser is a smart move to develop a plan to pursue their long-term financial goals.

Americans need to save more for retirement: Here's how to do it
Compared with men, women need to have bigger retirement savings because they are more likely to live longer, according to this article on Motley Fool. However, building the retirement nest egg can be tougher for female workers because they get lower pay than their male counterparts. To boost their retirement savings, women are advised to set a savings goals, decide on the amount they contribute to their retirement accounts, find ways to produce the amount, and invest their savings wisely to optimize returns.

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