How workers can get the most out of 2018 financial resolutions

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How to get the most out of 2018 financial resolutions….
Clients can enhance their financial prospects this year by creating multiple income streams, according to this article on CNBC. One strategy is to get a part-time job via the gig economy. Self-employed workers will have to report their income and pay taxes, and should prepare for retirement by investing in tax-advantaged accounts, such as a SEP, Simple IRA or a solo 401(k).

...and 3 things that could ruin clients’ retirement plans in 2018
Quarterly earnings could dwindle and stifle market results, and this could limit seniors' ability to retire this year, according to this article from Forbes. Poor results from tech companies such as Facebook and Google could also hurt their portfolio. Other factors that pose a risk to their investments and their retirement plans are inflation and interest rates.

5 ways to help control taxes in retirement
Clients are advised to take reins of their taxes after leaving the workforce for good, according to this article on Kiplinger. To accomplish this, they should develop a financial plan that will make their portfolio tax efficient. They should also diversify their portfolio, have some control over their income, and draw income from accounts with different tax treatments. Clients are also advised to adopt a plan for the investments held in each account type they own.

9 resolutions for the nearly retired
Seniors are advised to have a bucket list of activities to do in the golden years before they finally retire, according to this article on MarketWatch. They should also have a dry-run of the lifestyle they want in retirement and put their financial documents like a will and a power of attorney in place. They may reallocate their investments when necessary and include in their budget a bucket for "just-in-case" scenarios. They should also not forget their retirement benefits and required minimum distributions from tax-deferred accounts.

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