Innovator aims to help companies turn data into better employee health

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Rod Reasen set out to solve an industry-old problem: How to turn complex and disparate data into actionable health intelligence.

Enter Springbuk, a health analytics platform that launched in early 2015. It unifies mountains of data generated by a company’s workforce — such as medical claims, pharmacy, labs, dental, biometrics, wearables, workers compensation, disability, vision and payroll information — and turns it into a decision dashboard that’s designed with non-medical HR users in mind.

Springbuk’s software helps employers forecast their company’s overall healthcare spending, identify at-risk employees, and uncover costs that will occur in the future. Priced on a per-employee-per-month model, Springbuk presents data to employers that show them where to spend their health and wellness dollars for the largest financial return. Reasen says employers can use the information to do a better job of forecasting future spending.

“Technology is playing a critical role as today’s employer continues to invest in the health of their population,” explains Reasen, Springbuk’s co-founder and CEO. “Now more than ever, employers are harnessing the power of data to make real-time decisions about where to invest and how to best engage their members. These analytics are driving innovation in how employers work with their consultant and vendor partners to deliver results.”

For his efforts, Reasen is a 2017 recipient of an Benefits Technology Innovator Award, a program designed to recognize visionaries who are driving technology innovation in the employee benefits space.

Springbuk was born out of the national “Healthiest Employer” award program that it conducts in 45 U.S. cities and attracts 8,000 employers nationally. Reasen cofounded the Healthiest Employer awards in 2009; it remains a wholly owned subsidiary.

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