Is complete coverage pet insurance the next big thing?

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In an effort to show just how important pets are to an employee and employers’ well-being, Hartville Pet Insurance Group announced its new ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Complete Coverage Plan.

The plan covers accidents, injuries, illnesses and more, and features simplified reimbursement based on percentage of invoice. The plan also allows for the insured to visit any veterinarian, specialist or emergency clinic in the U.S. or Canada.

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The reimbursement will be paid on a percentage customers select when enrolling for the coverage — 90%, 80% or 70%. Deductibles and coverage limits apply on an annual basis and can be customized to fit the needs of the pet and owner.

“Complete coverage is designed to be easy for our customers to use and understand,” says Liz Watson, chief marketing officer for Hartville Pet Insurance Group. “By providing them with the coverages they’re looking for and straightforward reimbursement process, pet parents will have one less thing to worry about as they help their furry family member recover from a recent veterinary visit.”

With complete coverage, each type of coverage — accident, illness, hereditary and congenital, and behavioral — includes exam fees, diagnostics and treatment. Even the most advanced treatments are covered, like chemotherapy and surgery, even stem-cell therapy and acupuncture.

Accident coverage would start one day after enrollment. Coverage for illnesses, ligament issues and hereditary and congenital conditions start 14 days after enrollment.

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Exclusions to the plan include pre-existing conditions, cosmetic procedures and breeding costs. This means that conditions that occurred before coverage begins or during a waiting period will not be covered; however an injury or illness that is cured and free of treatment and symptoms for 180 days will no longer be regarded as pre-existing.

Elective, cosmetic procedures, such as tail docking, ear cropping and claw removal are not covered, costs associated with breeding and pregnancy are also excluded.

Additional coverage
Those enrolled in the coverage also have the option to add preventive coverage for an additional cost, which provides reimbursement up to a scheduled annual amount for covered services that help protect pets from getting sick, such as an annual wellness exam, vaccinations, dental cleaning or spay and neuter. These preventive care options are offered at three levels of coverage based on the need of the pet, which include basic, standard and prime.

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