NASA, FAA partner with BetterUp for mobile-based professional coaching

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BetterUp, a mobile-based professional coaching platform, is teaming up with NASA and the Federal Aviation Administration, in its first partnership with government agencies to provide their employees with personalized professional coaching.

In the coming months, the FAA and NASA, as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration is popularly known as, will roll out BetterUp’s professional coaching to supervisors and executives. At the individual level, employees will gain unlimited access to one-on-one professional coaching, accessible via any computer or smartphone.

In addition to selecting a core coach, NASA and FAA employees will have access to BetterUp’s specialty coaches to focus on areas such as nutrition, sleep, communication, and navigating uncertainty. Employees will have access to a digital library that includes thousands of resources designed to reinforce coaching session topics.

“Our evidence-based coaching approach has been linked to significant behavioral gains in areas such as resilience, strategic planning, stress reduction, and the ability to lead teams,” says Alexi Robichaux, CEO and co-founder of BetterUp. “Our goal with NASA and the FAA is to serve as a tool that will enable employees to better thrive as individuals and inspire others as leaders.”

At the organizational level, NASA and FAA program leadership will have real-time insight into emerging behavioral trends across their respective workforces. BetterUp’s partner analytics dashboard is a 24/7 analytics capability that will enable NASA and FAA leadership to identify behavioral indicators across their workforces, including stress and burnout. The agencies can then develop proactive strategies to address these emerging behavioral trends.

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Robichaux says that the company has seen a surge in demand for virtual coaching during COVID-19, as more organizations look to support and develop their teams remotely through new ways of working, learning and adapting.

“Government employers are seeking innovative approaches to stay connected to the pulse of the individual employee experience,” he says. “Traditional in-person coaching is costly and lacks the type of real-time reporting insights they need to make informed decisions regarding their workforce. In the COVID-19 era and beyond, government employers are increasingly realizing that employee professional development is inextricably linked to employee personal development.”

BetterUp works with large commercial employers including Lyft, Airbnb, Instacart and LinkedIn to provide virtual leadership development to employees, and many of its platform features are a direct result of customer feedback. Robichaux says that the company will customize its platform to meet the needs of NASA and the FAA as well, based on the feedback they receive from employees.

“We recognize that federal government agencies may have program or platform preferences that are distinct from the commercial sector,” he says.

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