New app stores employees’ essential benefit data

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Cloud-based enrollment service provider EaseCentral unveiled an employee-facing mobile application that allows workers to access their benefit information, manage their ID information, view company directory and request time off at any time.

The new mobile app, which was released this week, takes the employee information that is housed in the EaseCentral suite of benefit applications and makes it available for mobile users.

“We're reaching down into using mobile as an extension to the consumer employee in a much stronger way. Some of the basic functionality that will be on it would be essential benefit information,” says David Reid, founder and CEO of EaseCentral. “Think of it as a way to replace all the multiple ID cards that you have when you go to a provider. That's replaced with the mobile app because your entire enrollment runs through our platform.”

The new app, which was released last week, also helps with scheduling time off and can notify HR executives if an entire department or division is going to be understaffed for a specific day or week as the requests for time off are entered into the system.

The new focus on mobile applications can also help brokers and employers to attract tech-savvy yet fickle millennial talent who expect state-of-the-art technology not only from their employer but from their benefit provider as well.

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“If you don't have really comprehensive software, social media or even mobile applications, they lose interest and they instantly judge the quality and caliber of their employer,” says Reid.

“I spend a lot of time talking to insurance brokers those organizations where the average age is 55 years old. That's an area that I try to focus in on, that the audience has changed and in order to stay relevant with your audience you need to have technology,” says Reid.

He adds, “You have a very short period of time to make that impression when it comes to delivering mobile.”

It has been a busy week for EaseCentral. The software-as-a-service firm also released a new integration with ADP for enhanced payroll operations and closed a round of Series A funding for $6.5 million, which brings the total funding to date to $11.5 million.

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