Protecting clients’ retirement savings from a crash

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Protecting clients’ retirement savings from a crash
Markets experience downturns, and retirement investors should be ready for this event, according to this article on CNNMoney. To protect their retirement assets from a market slowdown, clients should ensure that their investments are adjusted to their risk tolerance and avoid investing the money that they will need within a five-year period. Paying off debt and avoiding it altogether can help clients free more money to save and use to close the gap created by a market downturn.

How business owners can make a big difference in the lives of their employees
Business owners are in the position to help their employees secure their golden years, according to this article on Forbes. One way that they can help improve their workers' retirement prospects is to offer a 401(k) plan with an employer's match. Another option is offering them an employee stock ownership plan. This option enables employers to strengthen their business and allow employees to run the company and defer their capital gains taxes.

New perk: A day off to take care of your financial health
A company is helping its employees make better financial and retirement decisions by offering a financial wellness program, according to this article on The New York Times. The company's chief executive pushed for such a program after finding out that even their employees who are most knowledgeable about finances still make poor decisions, such as taking loans from their employer-sponsored retirement plan. “We were exactly the same as all Americans. It’s hard to think about your 401(k) match if you are worrying about your utility bill,” says the executive.

Under the Republican health proposal, clients may work longer and save less for retirement
Health insurance and health care would be more costly for older pre-Medicare Americans under the health care bill that seeks to repeal the Affordable Care Act, according to this article on MarketWatch. They would also be forced to cut their savings or tap into their retirement accounts to cover their healthcare expenses. Under the bill, seniors would also be compelled to continue working to have the health insurance plan sponsored by their employers.

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