Rising healthcare costs lead adviser to creative solutions

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Due to employer mandates issued by the Affordable Care Act, which remains the law, ensuring that all coverage deemed necessary by the U.S. government is being offered to employees can put employers in a bind when making healthcare affordable to their staff.

To that end, Jordan Hersh, VP of product strategy and development at NX Health Network, says keeping healthcare spending down for his clients has become his top priority and his biggest obstacle.

“It’s challenging to put employers in the position to allow them to stay in control of their healthcare spend and also curb our country’s rising healthcare cost,” Hersh says. “I have seen too many employers forced to cut benefits offered to employees because their healthcare spend has become unaffordable.”

At 32 years old with 10 years in the benefits industry, Hersh has covered several aspects of the benefits brokerage market, including payment integrity with TPAs, private exchange technology and establishing high performance networks which help ASO employers stay in control of their healthcare cost.

The biggest challenge
“If my work at NX Health Network allows me to help employers with building and customizing a network that will cut their healthcare spend and allow employers to keep offering rich benefits to their employees, I feel like I am helping overcome the biggest challenge this industry is facing,” Hersh says.

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Amanda Hertig, marketing specialist at NX Health Network, nominated Hersh to be an EBA Rising Star in Advising and says he has managed to take the concept of a high value PPO network from idea to implementation in just a very short time.

“This included contracting providers, formulating contracts with self-funded employer groups and building a team of talented individuals that share his vision of a customizable and collaborative structure that self-funded employer groups can be proud to offer their employees,” Hertig says. “Jordan has done a phenomenal job making sure NX Health Network reduces costs and contracts providers that provide high-quality care.”

Josh Carder, president of NX Health Network, echoes Hertig’s praise of Hersh, saying his dedication to work and desire to produce timely results have contributed beyond measure to the success of the company.

“Hersh was hired as the captain of this project, as he had the background in healthcare and also great insight in establishing high-performance networks to help self-funded businesses stay in control of their organizations’ healthcare spend,” Carder says. “As we continue to grow as an organization, Jordan’s leadership skills will be key in helping us chart the course for the future.”

Carder added that he personally wants to thank Hersh for his outstanding performance and excellent work ethic. “Jordan is extremely particular in his methods,” Carder says.

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