The Advantages of Integrated Employee Benefits Technology

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Everyone likes things that make life a little easier. Therein lies the appeal of integrated employee benefits (EB) technology.

As a testament to this, 96% of the 400+ HR professionals who participated in a recent study (commissioned by Equitable and conducted by Arizent Research/Employee Benefit News) cite streamlining processes as a significant purchase decision factor when selecting integrated EB technology; 92% point to reducing errors/improving accuracy as significant (see Figure 1).

Figure 1: Benefits Technology Purchase Decision Factors
Level of significance of each factor when choosing an integrated solution

Streamlining processes


Having a single source for employee information


Reducing errors/improving accuracy


Security of sensitive data


Integration of specific benefits/HR functions


Ease of integration


Technical support




Reducing costs


Freeing up time for staff to work on more important tasks


Easy to use interface




Technical specifications


Software license terms


Source: Arizent Research/Employee Benefit News, March 2019

“The number one advantage of an integrated employee benefits system is being able to make a change or input information once. As such, HR professionals are able to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on the strategic activities that can move their organizations forward,” says Tom Flavin, Head of Distribution, Equitable.

Survey respondents agree that an integrated EB administration system can make their work lives easier. Reasons include:

  • There is “very little redundancy in terms of information needing to be changed, which also helps us keep accurate information. There are fewer instances of changing information in one place but then forgetting to in another place and having discrepancies.“
  • “There is no reason to replicate activities when there are all-in-one solutions. Integration is the future.“
  • When “fewer systems are required,” there is “less margin for errors.“
  • “My time is needed on high-level projects and business development,” and it is difficult to focus on these strategic tasks when administrative work is “unmanageable.“

With an integrated EB solution, it is possible to offer benefits programs from the best carriers to employees, and to allow them to access all of the programs via a single administrative platform. This enables employees to manage their benefits in a manner that helps them holistically meet their needs.

“When an employer presents benefit options to employees in a comprehensive, coordinated manner employees see the full value proposition of the benefits that are being offered. They can more easily determine what makes the most sense for them,” says Ron Hermann, Head of U.S. Life & Employee Benefits at Equitable.

Broker Tip: Talk to your clients about their benefits technology to see if there are opportunities to streamline processes and save time and resources. Explain the value of having a single source for employee information, not only for their HR teams but individual employees.

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In February and March of 2019, Arizent Research/Employee Benefit News conducted an online survey of 401 HR professionals. The study, commissioned by Equitable, had the following requirements for participants: manager level or above; benefits technology decision-making responsibility; organization size of 10 to 500 employees; organization 2018 gross receipts of $250,000; and organization usage of at least 1 software solution for HR functions.

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