Up-and-coming adviser uses knowledge to beat the competition

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With new workplace legislation and regulation as the routine, brokers need to be consistently on top of these developments or risk losing clients to more knowledgeable advisers. Ensuring employers stay in compliance with ACA, ADA, GINA, EEOC, HIPAA and a host of other policies and regulations can be a daunting task.

However, Lindsey Cuciti Soliman, manager of reporting and analytics at FNA Insurance Services, Inc. — an EBA 2017 Rising Star in Advising — is up to the challenge. She says it is the responsibility of every broker to keep an open eye and an open mind on all information flowing into the benefits industry.

Soliman, 32, has been with FNA for six years. In that time she has moved up through the ranks quickly, starting as a premium analyst.

EBA’s 2017 Rising Stars in Advising are starting their own firms, experiencing monumental growth and embracing change at every turn.
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“During my tenure here at FNA, I have touched many aspects of the operation. It has enabled me to understand the inner workings of the benefits industry, and what challenges employee benefit brokers encounter,” Soliman says. “I would surmise the toughest challenge to be the continual retaining of important information, in order to stay proficient and current.”

After HUB International acquired FNA in 2013, the company implemented a sales model heavily reliant on data analytics to understand the revenue and business model of FNA’s end user, employee benefit brokers.

The perfect candidate
Charlie Felts, COO and senior vice president of operations at FNA Insurance Services, says given Soliman’s rapid understanding of the broker community and strong market relationships, as well as expert knowledge of the front and back end operations of the FNA and HUB customer relationship system, she was the perfect candidate for this project.

“Due to her success in overseeing this process, Lindsey is now pioneering a launch of a unique broker sales tool, Broker Dashboard,” Felts says. “Since Lindsey has joined FNA, she has become invaluable to not only to our brokers but our internal teams as well, with the workflow process that she has implemented.”

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Melissa Vanduyn, vice president of broker services at FNA Insurance Services, Inc. confirms Soliman’s strong work ethic, saying she does not know what she would do without the assistance of Soliman.

“When Lindsey is involved in a project, you can have complete confidence it will be completed thoroughly and accurately,” Vanduyn says. “Our business can be quite stressful, but no matter what the circumstances are, Lindsey has the ability to remain levelheaded and composed.”

Vanduyn adds that Soliman is well liked and respected by her peers and is confident she will come through on her projects. “It will be exciting to see Lindsey’s ascension as she grows and moves forward in her career,” she says.

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