Brokers must be logical and informative on GOP health plan

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We now have some specific ideas for proposed ACA replacement plans in the way of the American Health Care Act. It’s not going up for a vote, and it’s not been run through the CBO for cost estimates. At this point, it’s a proposed plan. There are supporters, but also enough in opposition on both sides and in both chambers of Congress that clearly there is more to discuss and negotiate before this moves to voting stage.

Right now, there are still many unknowns. Details are vague, leading to erroneous impressions of the proposed law, as is common when only a few highlighted talking points are repeatedly shared. Most reports are ignoring the retention of employer exclusion, which is a critical component for employer-sponsored healthcare and keeping that system whole — a critical point for brokers.

Also see:7 key provisions of the Republican ACA replacement bill.”

Use this as a time to be the calm, confident adviser for your clients, laying out the knowns and unknowns without stirring up drama around it. Read as much as you can from different sources and be the logical one approaching this from a perspective of fact without giving in to the headlines. How you respond online and with your clients matters. Make it beneficial for your business.

And finally, if there are things you and your clients don’t like, then take it to your congressional representatives and let your voice be heard. Not only can, and should, you be the adviser to your clients on these matters, but take that position with your legislators as well. You know much more about this than they do and can offer valuable input.

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