Finding motivation to achieve 4th quarter sales goals

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At a recent CEO gathering run by business coaching firm Vistage, speaker Rick Barrera led a session about generating revenue on demand. He asked attendees questions such as the percentage of their time spent on revenue generation, how many customer and industry association they’ve lead and how many videos they’ve marketed to their target audience recently.

The first question was the most important one. “Whatever industry you are in, if you are did not answer question one as 80% or more, you are not worrying about the right things to grow your business,” he said.

This was shocking to me, but at the same time, music to my ears. It gave me permission to focus on what matters. As a wise person shared with me some time ago, ”The client doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Those of us who are independent employee benefit advisers as well as those working for large firms who are truly committed to solving customer problems find ourselves in a unique position to actually be able to achieve our goals with focus and attention. There are more companies in need of our services than ever before.

We have an opportunity to change the trajectory of healthcare costs for our clients, and especially for their employees.

Barrera’s presentation gave me permission to worry about the things I know deep down must be the best use of my time as the company leader. He also said, “Failure in meeting the annual goals you set cannot be an option.”

If the goal is set properly, you have no choice but to focus and make it happen. As the year end approaches, you must give your goals all your time and effort to succeed. That is what a great leader does: Make sure the team does not fail.

Forget weekly sales meeting with producers and teams — we are having them daily now.

Our high-volume activity earlier in year has created many open opportunities, and now we must bring them home to roost. We have built the tools and solutions and know the conversations we must have with all of these prospective clients who have not yet taken action.

Those of us who know we can help our clients and prospective clients owe it to ourselves and them to prevail and grow and thrive. There is a reason those of us left standing are all still remaining in the game. Let’s validate it by achieving our annual revenue goals.

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