Slideshow 10 best states for job seekers

  • June 14 2017, 4:18pm EDT

10 best states for job seekers

A competitive job market often means a higher employee turnover rate, which costs companies time and money. A recent study from WalletHub shows which states have the best job opportunities — insight benefit managers might want to use to beef up offerings to help deter current employees from leaving.

In order to determine the most attractive states for employment, WalletHub compared the 50 states across 24 key indicators of job-market strength, opportunity and economic vitality. Those sections were filtered into two major categories: job market (which includes metrics such as job opportunities, employment growth and job satisfaction) and economic environmental (which includes metrics such as median annual income, average number of hours in a work week and earned income-tax credit). For its ranking, the personal-finance website used data from the U.S. Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor and Gallup-Healthways, among others.

10. Florida

Job market ranking: 29
Economic environmental rating: 6
Total score: 60.79

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9. Tennessee

Job market ranking: 23
Economic environmental rating: 6
Total score: 61.01

8. California

Job market ranking: 12
Economic environmental rating: 15
Total score: 61.19

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7. Massachusetts

Job market ranking: 2
Economic environmental rating: 29
Total score: 61.51

6. Minnesota

Job market ranking: 4
Economic environmental rating: 21
Total score: 62.00

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5. New Jersey

Job market ranking: 19
Economic environmental rating: 5
Total score: 62.88

4. South Dakota

Job market ranking: 10
Economic environmental rating: 7
Total score: 63.81

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3. New Hampshire

Job market ranking: 6
Economic environmental rating: 8
Total score: 65.37

2. Colorado

Job market ranking: 1
Economic environmental rating: 19
Total score: 65.67

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1. Washington

Job market ranking: 11
Economic environmental rating: 1
Total score: 70.24

For WalletHub's full report, click here.