Slideshow 10 digital HR startups to watch

  • October 25 2017, 3:43pm EDT
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10 digital HR startups to watch

Employers are looking for new and innovative ways to attract and retain talent, manage and track staff and better deploy their workforces. Traditional human resource tech vendors are certainly upping their game to meet their customers’ needs, but there are also a number of startups developing innovative HR products and services. Here are 10 companies the editors of Employee Benefit News think employers should be keeping an eye on.

1. BetterUp

BetterUp connects employees – through the web or a phone app – with “certified, executive-level coaching.” Workers and their mentors can then use the platform to connect for 30-minute video sessions. Other resources also are available, such as professional-development videos, podcasts and readings. BetterUp also provides analytics that can be used to track an employees’ progress across areas such as leadership effectiveness and productivity.

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2. Landit

LandIt offers an online tool designed to help experienced female professionals draw up a playbook for managing their careers. It provides access to coaches to help craft personal strategies, curates a list of curated opportunities and fellowships and helps users create an executive summary highlighting their achievements.

3. pymetrics

The company’s system uses algorithms to build a cognitive and emotional-trait profile of top performers and then uses that data to help an employer source and screen potential talent.

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4. Restless Bandit

The company’s recruiting platform uses artificial intelligence to identify the most qualified candidates. Algorithms put job postings in front of only those people who are solid matches for openings. The software also sorts through archived resumes as new positions are posted to suggest candidates who may have been previously screened by recruiters and to alerts those job candidates to the just-opened position.

5. shiftgig

The digital HR company has developed a tool that can tap into the freelance talent pool and help connect hourly workers with employers looking for temporary help. The software can also facilitate virtual interviews and background checks as well as deliver training videos, quizzes and prep materials.

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6. Simppler

Simppler’s talent acquisition product uses the power of social media. With just a few clicks, the tool lets employers connect with their staffs’ social networks. A machine learning system then helps the employer spot people in their employees’ networks who might make good hires.

7. syncHR

The company’s cloud-based technology is helping to simplify human capital management for mid-market firms. SyncHR’s software automates benefits and payroll processes and helps employers keep track of the distribution of work.

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8. TINYpulse

The vendor’s software is used by employers to get anonymous feedback on the company’s culture and strategy. Workers answers surveys on their phone or computer and the employers sees the aggregated results on a dashboard. TINYpulse has included a private messaging feature, allowing employers to contact employees about their responses without ever knowing who they are.

9. Zugata

The vendor’s software helps employees improve job skills. It delivers personalized management feedback, mentor recommendations, video training and more.

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10. WorkMarket

The company’s offering enables employers to build a network of skilled talent. Organizations can use the software to browse through available freelancers by skill, location, industry, certifications, licenses and more. WorkMarket’s application also helps customers manage worker assignments and handle payments.