10 HR tech companies to watch
Digital technologies are transforming human resources, and forward-thinking employers are increasing employee engagement and productivity through the adoption of new tools for human capital management. Here are 10 providers of HR and HCM vendors that EBN’s editors are watching.
1. ADP.png
1. ADP
A household name in payroll processing, ADP is making a big play in the HCM space with cloud-based solutions that integrate HR, payroll, tax and benefits administration together with outsourcing services, analytics and compliance expertise. Employers benefit from automated processes and predictive applications that utilize benchmarks and trend analysis based on the service provider’s 600,000 user base. The apps are accessible from mobile devices using interfaces with numerous social media features.

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2. Deloitte.PNG
2. Deloitte
Deloitte is a global leader in accounting and business consulting services. Now its human capital practice has developed ConnectMe, an all-in-one HCM application that automates and provides digital HR service delivery via a mobile-enabled interface. Built on the Salesforce platform, ConnectMe is a performance management dashboard that sits on top of an employer’s existing infrastructure. HR professionals can customize performance measures for use with employee service level agreements and get a variety of analytics functions, while employees receive ubiquitous access to their personnel data and benefit accounts together with a set of self-help tools.

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3. HealthiestYou.PNG
3. Healthiest You
Healthiest You specializes in telemedicine and new modes of healthcare delivery. The company provides 24x7 telephone and email access to a network of more than 2,300 doctors. Offerings includes cost comparisons for medical procedures and prescriptions; find a doctor services; health plan information and benefits eligibility tools; and a machine learning-based online wellness program that learns and adapts to member preferences as they use it.

Healthiest You’s services are intended to serve as a complement to primary care. By directing medical claims out of traditional insurance plans, the healthcare delivery program is designed to save time, money and hassle for employers and their employees.

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4. HodgesMace.PNG
4. Hodges-Mace
Hodges-Mace is an Atlanta-based provider of employee benefits communication and custom enrollment software and services. Its cloud-based SmartBen platform offers decision-support aids — including benefits utilization, compliance and eligibility verification — for employers, and simplified, anytime-anywhere benefits access for employees.

The company’s newly introduced SmartBen NOW mobile app and benefits dashboard lets employees securely access their personalized benefit information using a smartphone or tablet, while giving employers an easy and effective way to send benefits messages and enrollment reminders straight to their employees’ mobile devices.

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5. Maestro Health.PNG
5. Maestro Health
Chicago-based Maestro Health has built a comprehensive employee health and benefits platform. Known as maestroEDGE, it supports four core functions:

· HR management, including benefits administration and ACA compliance
· A private exchange-based benefits marketplace
· Consumer-driven benefit accounts
· And third-party services for administering a self-funded insurance program

An analytics engine known as mBRAIN analyzes employee health history along with e-commerce, demographic and lifestyle statistics to make personalized plan recommendations for employees and provide population health and plan utilization insights for employers.

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6. MaxwellHealth.PNG
6. Maxwell Health
Maxwell Health’s benefits administration, enrollment, and engagement tools were created using lean startup methodology, allowing it to rapidly tweak features and add new functionality in response to customer feedback. The result to date is an HR platform and private benefits exchange that simplifies and automates the human resource function for small and midsize employers. Employees get a mobile app, an easy-to-use benefits marketplace and personalized health tools, while HR administrators receive support for complex plan and rate structures, ACA reporting capabilities and a streamlined onboarding process.

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7. Namely.PNG
7. Namely
The company is called Namely and so is the HR platform it has developed for mid-size employers. Namely’s technology allows employers to oversee all of their HR, payroll, benefits and talent management functions from a single system, using a social media-like interface that’s accessible from smartphones and other mobile devices. Namely also provides benefit consulting services.

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8. Paylocity
Paylocity develops cloud-based payroll and HCM software for medium-sized employers. The developer’s intuitive and highly configurable solution is built around five core modules: Payroll, HR automation and analytics, benefits administration, time and labor tracking and talent management — including 360-degree reviews, goal management and peer-to-peer recognition. A mobile interface gives employees 24/7 access to payroll and HR information.

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9. Paylogix.PNG
9. Paylogix
Paylogix offers online, cloud-based, tools to facilitate benefits communications, enrollment and plan implementation for employers, brokers and employees. The developer’s consolidated billing system allows multiple products, group and voluntary benefits to appear on the same online bill and be paid with a single payroll deduction. Pro-Enroll, its benefits communication and election portal, promotes and educates employees about their workplace benefit options, while giving them a convenient way to make their benefit elections in real-time.

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10. Withings.PNG
10. Withings
Withings, a subsidiary of Nokia, produces a line of wearables and other personal health devices that measure biometrics, monitor home and office environments and track physical activity. The company’s product lineup is designed to support corporate wellness programs by helping employees set goals and track progress with tools that are convenient, fun and easy to use. The intelligent, connected devices provide real-time monitoring of risk factors linked to lifestyle, such as weight gain and sedentary behavior. Data is fed to a web-based dashboard, where it can be analyzed and viewed in a variety of ways by employees, their employers and medical professionals.

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