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  • April 11 2018, 12:13am EDT
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10 states with low stress

Stress is a challenge in the workplace that can have a big impact on the workforce. While employers have put in place some effective well-being strategies that have had \meaningful strides in reducing behavioral and biometric risks, fostering emotional well-being in general, and reducing stress in particular, remains stubbornly challenging for employers.

However, there are some challenges outside of an employer’s control. For example, geographic locations can play a part in increasing stress levels to a person. And according to financial site WalletHub, some states fare better than others on the stress tes.t

WalletHub compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across four key dimension using 38 different indicators: work-related stress, money-related stress, family related stress and health and safety related stress.

Regarding work-related stress, points were tallied based on things like job security, unemployment rates and income growth rates. As for money-related stressors, median incomes and housing affordability were taken into consideration. In addition, family-related stress was calculate using childcare costs rates and parental-leave policies while health and safety stressors were calculated using statistics on increases in annual health premiums, suicide rates and mental health.

According to WalletHub, these states top the list of low-level stressors.

For the most stressful states, click here.

10. Nebraska

Total score (out of 100 – 100 being high stress): 35.60
Work-related stress (Out of 51, 1 being the most stressful): 30
Money-related stress: 41
Family-related stress: 40
Health-and-safety-related stress: 39

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9. Hawaii

Total score: 34.74
Work-related stress: 44
Money-related stress: 26
Family-related stress: 44
Health-and-safety-related stress: 45

8. Massachusetts

Total score: 34.62
Work-related stress: 47
Money-related stress: 42
Family-related stress: 31
Health-and-safety-related stress: 44

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7. Colorado

Total score: 34.17
Work-related stress: 48
Money-related stress: 34
Family-related stress: 34
Health-and-safety-related stress: 43

6. Wisconsin

Total score: 33.66
Work-related stress: 43
Money-related stress: 44
Family-related stress: 43
Health-and-safety-related stress: 36

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5. South Dakota

Total score: 31.98
Work-related stress: 39
Money-related stress: 45
Family-related stress: 41
Health-and-safety-related stress: 48

4. Iowa

Total score: 30.89
Work-related stress: 36
Money-related stress: 46
Family-related stress: 47
Health-and-safety-related stress: 49

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3. Utah

Total score: 29.77
Work-related stress: 51
Money-related stress: 37
Family-related stress: 50
Health-and-safety-related stress: 41

2. North Dakota

Total score: 26.85
Work-related stress: 38
Money-related stress: 50
Family-related stress: 51
Health-and-safety-related stress: 47

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1. Minnesota

Total score: 26.58
Work-related stress: 42
Money-related stress: 51
Family-related stress: 49
Health-and-safety-related stress: 51