10 worst jobs of 2017
As the job market further expands and evolves, new vocations will come up while old ones fade away. Not everyone is so lucky to be in a growing field, however, and online job database CareerCast has found what might be considered the least attractive jobs of 2017 — many of which involve dangerous work conditions or a murky job market outlook.

CareerCast’s report utilizes a range of criteria such as income, outlook, environmental factors, stress and physical demands to rank 200 U.S. jobs annually. This year, these 10 jobs came in at the bottom.
10. Taxi driver
This job moved up a position from number 9 since last year. Taxi drivers have an annual median salary of $23,510 and have a 13% growth outlook through 2024.
4. Retail sales.jpg
9. Retail salesperson
Another job that has seen some improvements, retail sales jobs have moved up two spots since last year from number 7, and can expect a 7% growth outlook in the next seven years with a median salary of $22,040.
1. Firefighter.jpg
8. Firefighters
Another job with a two-spot jump, firefighters see can see a median salary of $46,870 and a 5% positive outlook ahead.
1. Advertising manager.jpg
7. Advertising salesperson
The first on this list to see a decline, advertising sales as a career dropped a spot from number 8 since last year. The median salary hovers around $48,490, and the industry is forecasted to see a 3% drop in the coming years.
7. DJ.jpg
6. Disc jockey
Jumping two positions this year to number six, DJs are seeing an 11% decline through 2024 with a $30,080 average salary.
5. Pest.jpg
5. Pest control worker
Jumping ahead one spot, pest controllers should expect a 1% industry decline with median salaries around $32,162.
6. Enlisted military.jpg
4. Enlisted military personnel
Men and women of the military can expect salaries ranging around just $27,936. CareerCast’s growth outlook remains not applicable.
3. Logger
Logger salaries average $36,210, and the profession has a growth expectation of 4% through 2024.
3. Broadcaster.jpg
2. Broadcasters
Dropping a tier since last year, broadcasters are expected to see an industry decline of 13%, the highest on this list. The average salary is $37,720.
10. Newspaper reporter.jpg
1. Newspaper reporters
Having ranked at the bottom for the past few years, newspaper reporters will continue to see a 9% decrease in industry growth. On average, they make just $36,360 per year.