Slideshow 11 benefits that tempt workers to leave

  • June 26 2018, 12:25pm EDT

11 benefits workers want

A strong job market is giving employees and job seekers an edge while putting pressure on employers and their benefits managers to draw top-notch talent. And employees are ready and willing to jump ship — if the benefits are right, according to new research from Gallup.

While there has been a shift in the “cool” and extensive amenities coming from the tech titans in Silicon Valley, employers need to know exactly what matters to workers when making their employment decisions so they can make informed decisions about how to best compete for top talent. According to Gallup’s research, at least one-third of workers say they would leave their job for specific benefits and perks.

11 benefits workers want

In general, employees are most likely to say they would change jobs for benefits and perks closely related to their quality of life, Gallup notes. To help leaders identify how well their benefits and perks stand up against those that employees expect or want to receive from their employer, Gallup has identified categories that reflect how important the benefits previously described are to employees in general. The four categories include:

· Basics: benefits and perks that most organizations offer and most employees say they would change jobs to get
· Important to some: benefits and perks that fewer organizations offer and a segment of employees say they would change jobs to get
· Differentiating: benefits and perks that a segment of organizations offer, most employees say they would change jobs to get, and correlate most highly with employee engagement and well-being
· Added value: benefits and perks that some organizations offer and that correlate with employee engagement and well-being, but that employees are less likely to say they would change jobs to get

While great health benefits definitely are a plus, employees have expanded their benefits wish list. The following are the percentage of employees who say they would leave their job for another when that offered the following perks.

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Full-time flexible working locations


Part-time flexible working locations


Profit sharing


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Paid leave (sick days/medical/personal leave)


Insurance coverage other than health (dental/vision/etc.)


Retirement plan/401(k) with employer matches


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Retirement plan with defined benefits


Paid vacation


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Monetary bonuses


Health insurance