Slideshow 11 reasons advisers are thankful for their job

  • November 24 2015, 11:24am EST
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From working in a caring industry to helping those in need to taking health reform in stride, brokers and industry insiders share what makes them happy to work in the benefits field this holiday season.

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Team and family

“I am thankful for everyone who makes my job easier from my team, vendors and family and clients. I have a great team and family that strive to do their best at bring the best out of me for our clients.”

— John Ludwig, LPL Financial adviser with LHD Retirement

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Caring industry

“I’m grateful to be in an industry filled with people so focused on one another's well-being. It’s incredibly inspiring to talk with agencies who are committed to building strong businesses that reward their teams and, in turn, are driven to help others build their own successful businesses with employees who are engaged and motivated and appreciative of the way their employers take care of them.”

— Wendy Keneipp, partner and coach at Q4intelligence

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Serving those in need

“I am thankful to help lead an organization of independent insurance agents and brokers whose mission is to put people’s lives, families and businesses back together in their greatest time of need. It is extremely satisfying to know that we provide protection, peace of mind, and guaranteed assistance to help make people whole after a tragedy strikes.”

— Robert Rusbuldt, president and CEO, Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America

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Those who spread disability insurance awareness

“I’m thankful for the thousands of insurance agents out there who call on, educate, cajole, motivate and lead people to buy individual disability insurance protection. IDI is the most-needed, least-understood product in the insurance industry, in my opinion, and it’s the hard work of agents and brokers that results in many thousands of people having adequate income protection.”

— Doug Waters, second vice president of individual disability insurance sales, The Standard

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Professors, family, mentors

"With respect to my chosen profession, I am thankful for four specific things:

1) My amazing college professors for constantly talking about the value of securing an internship. If it wasn't for such sage advice, I don't believe that I would have ever happened upon the employee benefits industry.

2) My family of entrepreneurs. Having grown up watching them work hard to earn their successes, I always dreamt of following in their footsteps and fulfilling the quintessential "American Dream,” to own and run a successful business.

3) My multiple mentors, who taught me not only employee benefits and insurance, but moreover basic sales, marketing, management, and leadership skills that most certainly didn't come natural to me.

4) My beautiful and supportive wife, Megan, and our two adorable children. If it wasn't for my wife's constant and unwavering love and encouragement, I wouldn't have accomplished all that I have thus far.”

— Eric Silverman, principal and owner, Silverman Benefits Group

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My employees

“I am thankful for all the wonderful people who work at Silberstein Insurance Group who help define us as one of the best firms in the country and I am thankful for the culture they create that makes me look forward to coming to work every day.”

— Richard Silberstein, president, Silberstein Insurance Group

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Enjoying occupation

“I find a lot of meaning in consulting with companies to improve employee well-being, and I am especially thankful to do what I enjoy every day at CBIZ, a great place to work! CBIZ leaders have empowered me to thrive and I aim to pay that forward with my amazingly, talented team!”

— Emily Noll, national director of CBIZ Wellness Solutions

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Business opportunities

“I am thankful for the opportunities unfolding in the employee benefits business coming from the convergence of benefits consulting and administration. I am also very grateful for CBIZ’s commitment to capitalizing on these exciting changes as we further build out our fully integrated benefits consulting and administration services.”

— Jim O’Connor, CEO, CBIZ Employee Services Organization

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‘Not letting changes in the ACA slow us down’

“I’m thankful for having great kids and meaningful work, and for the promise of longer days and warmer temperatures in just three and a half months! I’m also thankful for not letting changes in the Affordable Care Act slow us down or impact our clients in any significant way.”

— David C. Smith, vice president, health & welfare benefits, at EbenConcepts

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The opportunity to improve healthcare

“I am thankful that I have the opportunity through my involvement with NAHU and other organizations to express my views to improve healthcare delivery for New Yorkers and all Americans.”

— Craig Hasday, president of Frenkel Benefits, LLC

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“I’m so grateful for our amazing account managers and other support staff who work tirelessly to provide our clients and their families with the best possible employee benefit experience.”

— Sally Hammons, senior director, employee benefits, NFP

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