Slideshow 12 bizarre excuses for being late to work

  • February 21 2014, 2:05pm EST
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1. A zebra was running down the highway and held up traffic.

This excuse was later found to be true, the CareerBuilder survey says.

2. I woke up on the front lawn of a house two blocks away from my home.

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3. My cat got stuck in the toilet.

4. I couldn't eat breakfast.

This employee said he ran out of milk for cereal and had to buy some before getting ready for work, the study says.

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5. I fell asleep in the car when I got to work.

6. I accidentally put superglue in my eye instead of contact lens solution.

The employee said she had to go to the emergency room.

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7. I thought Halloween was a work holiday.

8. A hole in the roof caused rain to fall on the alarm clock and it didn't go off.

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9. I was watching something on TV and really wanted to see the end.

10. I forgot that the company had changed locations.

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11.tI got a hairbrush stuck in my hair.

12. I was scared by a nightmare.