Slideshow 14 reasons for advisers to be thankful

  • November 24 2014, 11:17am EST
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Helping others

"In many ways, the work we do is helping to improve the lives of millions of employees worldwide," says George Lane, principal at Mercer.

"I enjoy positively impacting the everyday consumer/employee through the development and application of meaningful products, services and education," says Keith Storie, product development marketing director at Standard Insurance Company.

"I'm thankful to have the opportunity to impact lives by solving major financial problems and bringing a sense of stability and confidence for employers and families," says Bryan Brenner, CEO and founder of FirstPerson. [Image: Fotolia]

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Achieving retirement goals

"It is truly gratifying to see someone who realizes they can retire and the smile that goes with it," says John Ludwig, financial adviser at LPL Financial.

"I am thankful to be in a position that makes a meaningful difference in the outcome of retirement plan participants," says Unified Trust Company CEO Gregory Kasten. [Image: Fotolia]

Managing the Affordable Care Act

"What I enjoy most is working with clients, understanding their culture and budgetary constraints and devising an actionable strategy … and then help them through the impact of constant changes," says Craig Hasday, COO at Frenkel Benefits LLC.

"It is so rewarding to help those folks navigate through the confusion, fear, and risk they feel around these new obligations and get to a good spot," says FirstPerson Adviser Katy Stowers.

"I’m thankful to have a job that allows me to help employees understand their options and select a plan that best fits their needs for the best financial result," says BHC Insurance Account Executive Cathy Van Zant. [Image: Fotolia]

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Friends in the industry

"During trying times like right now, I’m thankful I for my insurance friends that I can cuss with one second, and pray with the next, as well as clients who take the time to thank us for all we do," says Tanya Boyd, president of Tanya Boyd & Associates. [Image: Fotolia]

Challenging profession

"I have never once experienced boredom while in the benefits business, so I am thankful to work in a field that is constantly challenging," says David Martin, principal at Ahmann-Martin Financial Services.

"I’m thankful that I get to work in a profession that has a sense of mission," says Doug Waters, Standard Insurance Company's second vice president. [Image: Fotolia]

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Protecting people

"I’m thankful to be part of the industry as it progresses through significant change, while continuing to deliver on its promise to protect employers and families," says John West, product marketing director at Standard Insurance Company. [Image: Fotolia]

Overcoming obstacles

"Providing employee benefits helps employees maintain their incomes during times of medical difficulties and helps employers maintain productivity by helping partially disabled employees stay at work and return to work," says Michael Klachefsky, absence management practice leader at Standard Insurance Company. [Image: Fotolia]

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An exciting industry

"Our industry remains one of the most dynamic industries and it brings with it an excitement and set of challenges that very few industries enjoy," says Benefit Advisors Network Executive Director Perry Braun.

"Watching this industry react to change allows one to learn every single day. What a blast," says Zywave Inc. CEO David O'Brien. [Image: Fotolia]

Improving quality of life

"My reflection on this leads me to the foundation of my purpose in benefits advising — transforming quality of life through impactful service," says Marlin Woods, managing principal at Benefits Plus Consulting LLC. "This selfless pursuit provides fulfillment that leaves me truly thankful for each life I am given the opportunity to touch." [Image: Fotolia]

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World class peers

"Our profession is one that is less about sales, and more about creating long-lasting relationships and taking care of people," says Ronnell Nolan, president and CEO of Health Agents for American Inc. "I love people, and I am so thankful that this job gives me the opportunity to work with and help a wide range of people."

"I get to work with the kindest, most genuine people I have met in any walk of life, and I’m thankful for that privilege all year round," says Q4intelligence partner and coach Wendy Keneipp.

"I am inspired daily by my peers and their creative solutions to solving the challenges presented by these monumental changes," says Linda Skoglund, principal at JA Counter. [Image: Fotolia]

Making a difference

"I have the opportunity to live in my unique ability by making the complicated more easily understood and solving complex problems with innovative solutions," says Borislow Insurance Principal Mark Gaunya.

"When you do what we do, and you do it well, it is easy to see that you are making an impact on people’s lives … and that’s what keeps me energized," says Michele Floriani, chief marketing officer at Sequoia One PEO. [Image: Fotolia]

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Providing measurable results

"Making a measureable impact on businesses and the people they employee," says Beverly Beattie, CEO of Selden Beattie Benefit Advisors.

"I was on the highway and saw a truck with our client's name on it. My heart started to race a bit with pride and excitement. I love feeling so connected to clients that I can respond so positively just by seeing the company’s name in print," says FirstPerson Adviser Julie Bingham. [Image: Fotolia]

Helping people make smart choices

"I love helping people make smarter financial decisions," says Financial Partners owner Kelly Fristoe.

"Knowing we are able to actually impact lives in a positive way, sometimes during difficult times, is a huge reward," says FirstPerson Adviser Laura Butler. [Image: Fotolia]

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No coincidence open enrollment coincides with Thanksgiving

"Every year around this time, I am reminded of the important role that our enrollment team plays in helping employees navigate through the world of employee benefits," says Sharla St. Rose, director of voluntary benefits at NFP. "I am thankful for their hard work, dedication and the hours they spend helping employees with their benefit decisions."

"I'm grateful for the opportunity to consult with visionary and creative leaders of benefits firms who are creating the post-reform future by bringing massive value to their clients both around and — especially — beyond the medical plan," says Bottom Line Solutions Inc. President Nelson Griswold. "These men and women are showing our industry how benefits firms can survive and prosper in the ACA era." [Image: Fotolia]