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  • November 11 2015, 8:43am EST

There is a direct correlation between closed sales and social media usage, according to sales consultancy A Sales Guy. In fact, nearly three-quarters of sales people using social media as part of their sales process outperform their peers. See what your colleagues are doing right on Twitter: EBA presents 30 top benefit pros to follow on the popular social media site.

Editor’s note: User name, Twitter handle, bio and Tweets are all directly from Twitter. EBA editors did not make grammar and spelling adjustments. The following are presented in random order.

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Joe Ellis Sr.


Selected Tweet:
"Wellness" is really "Wellbeing" — recognizing financial, spiritual, relationship and health are all important employment issues.

Why Ellis uses social media:
“Social media gives me a forum to create credibility in the benefit world. I use this credibility to enhance my professional reputation as a thoughtful leader with my clients, colleagues and future clients.”

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Ali Payne

AJG Wellbeing & Engagement Practice Leader, leading by example; Six-time Ironman, 37 marathon finishes, Team Betty 2015, downhill skier.

Selected Tweet:
Communication will make or break ur strategy, not all incentives r created equal; amazing comm. strategy can do the trick! #wellchat

Doug Ramsthel

Employee Benefits Expert — Partner Burnham Benefits

Selected Tweet:
A3: For data - keep it simple and actionable! simple biometrics can be useful data to measure success and actionable #wellchat

Kevin Roberts

Employee Benefits @krbenefits Hike a lot. NAHU Member. Dad to daughters. Proud about that.

Selected Tweet:
All the CEOs can ride in one car. As health insurers scramble to get bigger, #UnitedHealth sits pretty

Why Roberts uses social media:
“I'm on Twitter to gather knowledge, to get the big picture on health care and benefits from a wide variety of sources.”

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Eric Silverman

Family-man * Orioles fan * Business-man

Selected Tweet:
What do you do when a prospect hangs up on you? Do what Jimmy Fallon does... SEND THEM A 'THANK-YOU' NOTE OF...

Why Silverman uses social media:
“Being considered a millennial myself, I believe it's crucial to have a strong and active social media presence in order to become — and stay — relevant in the technological age we live in today. I also feel that a producers’ social media account should not always include things that are strictly business and benefits related. I believe that incorporating a good mix of personal interests and industry topics alike. It shows clients and potential clients you’re not a robot and that you have a life outside of the office.”

Lindsey Martin

A senior level marketing manager, passionate about improving health care in America through education, innovation, and mutually beneficial relationships.

Selected Tweet:
Got my flu shot 2day! & the best thing about @KPMidAtlantic u don't need 2b a member 2 get 1 #StickItToTheFlu

Why Martin uses social media:
“I love participating in social media because I have the ability to share in real-time relevant and valuable information for my followers as it relates to health care in America. Not only is my Twitter account a direct extension of my professional brand, it also showcases my true passion — improving health care in America.”

Jeff Piwnicki

Husband, Dad, & Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley. Providing Corporate Financial Wellness.

Selected Tweet:
Are you a champion of healthy choices for your children? Support #ChildHealth Day to protect and develop children's health in the U.S.

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Bill Sheridan

Writer, editor, author, blogger, podcaster, CAE, worshipper of CPAs, son of a son of a sailor. Opinions are his alone.

Selected Tweet:
Joanne Fiore: Profession seeking continuous engagement with students / candidates and "pro-CPA" environment at orgs. #aicpagc15

Matthew Kaiser

@HRtechKaiser t
Managing Director, Lockton Benefit Group - Husband / Papa - HR Technologist - Public Speaker - Developing Myself & Others Fuels Me - Outcomes Follow Systems

Selected Tweet:
"If you don't know your boundaries, you can't know your freedoms" Mgmt structure begs for disruption #pulsedisruptors Brian R. #HRTech

Dal Watson

@HealthReform411 Independent Insurance Agent - Broker, Employee Benefits Consultant, Managed Healthcare Professional (MHP), & Health Care Reform Expert @DalDubya

Selected Tweet:
Midsize U.S. employers are just starting to understand what a big job filling out 1095-C coverage reporting forms is

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David Shevock

Tech junkie. Currently working on making employee benefits easier and affordable.

Selected Tweet:
Check out survey results. Consumers need tools and help to figure out health insurance when buying on their own!

Why Shevock uses social media:
"I am on social media because its the most efficient, unbiased and scalable way to get news."

Zack Pace

Benefits Consultant at CBIZ, EBN & iWorkwell Contributor, Mountain Hiker, Day Sailor, Woodland Gardener, Mediocre Musician, Weekend Chef. Married to a Texan!

Selected Tweet:
Look at it this way: Leaving the '16 FSA cap and HSA single cap unchanged takes a little pressure off the '18 #CadillacTax thresholds.

Why Pace uses social media:
“Sally Hogshead encouraged me to think of Twitter as the ultimate cocktail party — a place to meet interesting professionals, learn new things, share what I’ve learned, and have some fun. She was right!”

Meg Murphy

Taller than average and totally rad. I'm here to shake up healthcare with @maxwellhealth and document my life in 140 characters or less.

Selected Tweet:
I CAN’T be the only one that hates the use of “penetration” as a word to talk about sales & implementation success. #InfluenceHR

Why Murphy uses social media:
“Social media offers an opportunity to connect with the people and companies driving powerful change, and get involved in innovative conversations and events happening in real-time. The jokes and useless facts are entertaining, too.”

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Lisa Feddema

Dog lover, food lover, and healthcare nerd working for @HCSC. Passionate about leveraging technology to help people become better healthcare consumers.

Selected Tweet:
#PHIX is a " create a more elegant solution" @Benefit_Brian writes about the future of benefits

Why Feddema uses social media:
“I am passionate about leveraging technology to help consumers optimize health care. Social media has helped me stay informed about innovation in the health care world and gives me the opportunity to get the information out to others. It's a great way to engage with the health care community!”

Aaron Benway

Fintech Entrepreneur. Founder and CEO of HSA Coach. Health Savings Account maintenance and guidance, health docs, retirement and financial planning.

Selected Tweet:
My @Quora answer to How does health savings account affect taxes?

Why Benway uses social media:
“Savings, health and retirement affect everyone. Social+mobile offers a unique moment to touch previously unreachable. At nearly zero cost.”

Heidi Savage

HR Leader passionate about helping businesses and HR understand how Health Care Reform #HCR #ACA impacts them; In Plain English. Technical project consulting.

Selected Tweet:
Can you answer these 56 #ACA Employer Shared Responsibility Payment Questions? Can your #HR? It's time. #HCR …

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Shandon Fowler

Director of Product Management for Benefitfocus. #ACA and #PrivateExchange expert. Author of The
Groom's Instruction Manual. Dork dad. Views are my own.

Selected Tweet:
Analytics is a means. For them to be successful, you must understand the end you wish to achieve. #HRTechConf

Why Fowler uses social media:
“Tweeting, retweeting, replying and connecting are like taking my vitamins — I don't have to do it but I feel a whole lot healthier when I do!”

Rhonda Marcucci

Responds to calls to “Help me Rhonda” from employers, service providers & brokers looking to understand, enter, or penetrate the HR Benefits & Admin tech market

Selected Tweet:
You can't get someone to learn something they don't want to learn. Wise words by Harry Gottlieb @JellyvisionLab on benefit com #BenefitsConf

Why Marcucci uses social media:
“I am on twitter because I believe in the power of instant, easily consumable communication regarding current industry noteworthy ideas.”

Mike Smith

Exchange Director @ Lockton. Husband, Dad, Son, Brother, Phi, Frater Etc. Opinions are all mine such as Boston is THE greatest sports town in the USA.

Selected Tweet:
Regardless of the sponsor, employers are confused by differing models and will look to independent sources of truth…

Why Smith uses social media:
“Participating with social media began for me in Boise, Idaho, where a marketing associate showed me this new ‘thing’ called Twitter. Since that day I use it and LinkedIn to connect with colleagues as well as the industry on employee benefit issues focusing on technology, compliance and cost management.”

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Mike Simonds

Working with the best people in the benefits business to protect the financial stability of individuals & families. Unum US CEO, devoted dad, husband, Mainer.

Great client meeting this morning … their CEO's business philosophy: "hire good people, provide good jobs and good things are going to happen"

Why Simonds uses social media:
“I love connecting with the smart, passionate and hard-working people that make employee benefits a reality ... who said insurance can't be fun?”

Ryan Holloway

Owner of benefits consulting practice; born/raised/live/work in East Dallas; spent 8 years in USMC; have a wife, daughter & 4 rescue mutts.

Selected Tweet:
Healthcare Costs, Co-pays and Coinsurance Your healthcare costs are an important factor to consider when you want to buy health insurance

Why Holloway uses social media:
“I'm on Twitter and social media simply to provide educational and thoughtful information to our friends and followers so that we can always keep them up to date and keep their wheels turning on happenings in the employee benefits and insurance arena.”

Steve Roper

Health Insurance, Benefits & Business Insurance. Nationally featured Industry Leader. Making Insurance Enjoyable for over 27 years.

Selected Tweet:
A company's brand is like a person's reputation. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well. -Jeff Bezos,

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Ronnell Nolan

President and CEO of Health Agents for America, Inc. President, The Nolan Group

Selected Tweet:
CMS says Navigators are unbiased unlike agents. What the ???

Why Nolan uses social media:
“When trying to reach the masses about a topic that everyone deserves to know about, I use social media!”

Kevin Duffy

Health Insurance professional with a focus on group policy and wellness strategies. Tweets are my own and not representing my employer.

Selected Tweet:
My 7 yr old: "Being @POTUS is boring & u can never b home. I rather drive an ice cream truck." Think it has something 2 do w free ice cream?

Thomas M. Harte

President and Founder of Landmark Benefits - a prominent employee benefits agency in New England and Board of Trustees: NAHU.

Selected Tweet:
I learned years ago that an unhappy customer will tell many. Why keep a customer on hold for an hour and hang up @Macys?

Why Harte uses social media:
“Social media has always been an important tool for me to educate, inform, inspire and praise those within our industry. It is ever more important for employee benefits professionals to embrace all forms of communication to improve outcomes in our industry.”

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Mark Gaunya

employee benefits advisor passionate about making a difference in the lives of our clients - way beyond brokerage

Selected Tweet:
Because of the ACA risk transfer when a health plan improves member health they write a check to the plans that don't huh? @jaybarrows

Michael Lujan

Chief Strategy Officer @ Limelight Health / CAHU President

Selected Tweet:
Q: Who are the winners in disruptive health tech? A: The problem solvers who fix the current system we use. - @mdweinberg #SFBThealthcare

Why Lujan uses social media:
“Social media opens incredible access to new ideas, important trends and honest discussions with experts about our evolving industry.”

Tanya Boyd

Health Insurance & Benefits Specialist. Entrepreneur. The Intrigue. Insurance Angel. Office Janitor. Mom of 2. Wife of 1. Master of None.

Selected Tweet:
Did you know that assisters in the health insurance marketplace are prohibited from making plan recommendations? Use a broker.

Why Boyd uses social media:
“Where else can you have a fun and resourceful avenue to collaborate with likeminded people without fear of competition, and get your message out to millions, free of charge, with a few taps of the keyboard? #TwitterRocks”

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Sam Fleet

President of AmWINS Group Benefits. An unwavering passion for Group Benefits. Topics: #ACA, #PPACA, #HCR, #selffunding, #voluntary, #retiree, #stoploss.

Selected Tweet:
Fantasy football owners have more info about their team than an employer does about the health & welfare of their employees. #selffunding

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