Slideshow 5 big things to come in FinTech

  • June 15 2016, 3:21am EDT

5 big things to come in FinTech

Finance and technology are merging together as employers aim to help employees take control of their financial wellness. Speaking at an event sponsored by AFS 401(k) Retirement Services in Washington recently, Andrew Lendnal of HelloWallet shares the next trends in this space.

1) Democratizing finance

More mobile platforms through which consumers track their spending and optimize their investment strategies.

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2) Facilitating easy and safe spending

Easier payments sometimes mean frivolous spending, but can also translate into a convenience that saves time (and, sometimes, money).

3) Ensuring compliance

New FinTech startups are trying to integrate finance and technology so that companies can continue to grow online without breaking the law.

4) Utilizing robo-advisers

These auto-investors are only going to increase in relevancy and abundance in 2016.

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5) Capitalizing on new loan opportunities

With the theme of facilitating and democratizing access, online loan platforms are helping to offer up completely new ways for individuals to get loans and refinance., such as SoFi, which helps refinance student debt and mortages, and Lending Club, which allows for peer-to-peer lending.