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5 employee self-service systems to watch
Employee self-service software allows workers to take care of many human resource- and job-related tasks that would otherwise fall to HR personnel or management. Many of these systems allow employees to change and update personal information such as home addresses and contact information; others allow employees to view scheduling and payroll. The following software platforms — presented in alphabetical order — are ones EBN editors have their eyes on.
1. Justworks.PNG
Justworks’ self-service software allows workers to access time off requests, enroll in benefits and review payments and paystubs. It also gives employees access to important documents, like W-2s and 1099s.
2. Sage.PNG
Sage’s cloud-based service allows workers to access mobile, on-demand services through a branded company portal. Data, including personal information and interests, is captured and can be accessed by workers at any time via any device. The software also includes automated leave applications and workflow approvals.
3. Sentric.PNG
Sentric’s employee and manager self-service portal gives staff access to time cards, paystubs and time off request and balances. Supervisors can use the system to manage either one individual or the entire organization.
4. SutiHR.PNG
The SutiHR employee self-service module lets employees manage personal information such as time off, training, benefits, approvals and daily/weekly reports. Managers also can use the system to view, approve or reject interview schedules and time off requests.
5. TrackSmart.PNG
With TrackSmart, employees can make time-off requests and submit timesheets. Supervisors can use the system to review and approve requests. The software can be accessed via computer or mobile device.