5 onboarding platform providers to follow

Employers make significant investments to source and recruit the best candidates, but often leave these same new hires to find their own way around the organization once they start. But onboarding tools can help. The editors at EBN have identified a number of the system’s vendors they thought readers should know. They are presented in alphabetical order.
1. DirdDogHR.PNG


BirdDogHR onboarding is cloud-based and can integrate with third party systems like payroll and HRIS programs. Multiple options are available that allow HR managers to pull new hire data from BirdDogHR’s onboarding software and pass that data along other enterprise systems.
2. Breezy.PNG


Breezy offers HR managers automated stage actions to help automate and move new hires through the onboarding process. During a new hire initiation phase, questionnaires and assessments can be sent to managers to gather information on the newbie.
3. ClearCompany.PNG


ClearCompany gives new hires a mobile-friendly platform to fill out essential documents from any location. The software uses a smart-fill technology to carry information from online form to online form, reducing errors and the time spent entering redundant data.
4. HRCloud.PNG

HR Cloud

HR Cloud’s onboarding portal allows HR manages to upload company videos, handbooks and other essential documents that new hires can access to speed their deployment.
5. WorkBright.PNG


WorkBright’s onboarding program assists new hires with filling out forms, keeping information accurate and up-to-date information. The software incorporates field validation to help avoid errors up front and, if an employee does submit something that is incorrect, WorkBright’s error correction workflow is pre-configured with automatic emails to inform workers what may be wrong and recommend a fix it.