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5 performance management software platforms to know
Performance management systems track employees’ progress -- from onboarding through the end of their tenure. The systems allow HR to set targets and objectives and then to regularly assess how well workers are progressing. While a number of larger HR tech players offer performance management tools, the editors of EBN came across a few notable packages that might not be well-known among HR executives. They are presented in alphabetical order.
1. Ascentis.PNG
Ascentis’ software allows managers to track employee performance metrics and provide ongoing feedback. The company’s assessments software runs competency analysis, comparing data by relationship type (peers, direct reports, or external customers), and creates reports to help managers identify workers’ strengths and areas for development.
2. Engagedly.PNG
The company’s cloud-based performance management system features real-time feedback. The systems has a “cascading goals” module, which sets goals for workers and then tracks and monitors how workers are meeting those objectives. The software schedules email alerts to allow employees to regularly check-in on their progress.
3. Incento.PNG
Incentco’s cloud-based platforms provide employers with a way to implement engagement, recognition and rewards to employees in competitive environments. The software uses peer-to-peer initiatives, social media/recognition walls, leaderboards, goal trackers and other incentives to score workers.
4. Multirater.PNG
Multirater Surveys
Multirate Surveys provides customizable online performance templates that allow workers to ask personalized questions, that employers can use to provide feedback.
5. Pay compliment.PNG
Pay Compliment
Pay Compliment offers employers the ability to provide two-way social-media interactions with features that maintain the privacy of those communications. The program works across multiple platforms, giving employers and employees the ability to interact via computer, tablet and phone applications.