Slideshow 5 reasons telecommuters have an edge over office workers

  • July 14 2016, 4:23am EDT

5 reasons telecommuters have an edge over office workers

Despite what the skeptics say, working remotely doesn’t mean lounging around all day in pajamas. In fact, those who work from home have five big advantages over employees who commute to an office.

1. They are more productive.

Don’t believe those who gripe that remote workers don’t get much work done at home. In reality, an overwhelming 91% of employees say they’re more productive when working remotely, according to employee engagement firm TINYpulse. “Employers should stop worrying whether remote workers are being productive. Our poll and others have found that they are,” says Dora Wang, managing editor of the TINYpulse Institute.

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2. They are happier at work.

TINYpulse recently surveyed 509 U.S. employees who work from home on a regular basis and compared their responses with those from more than 200,000 employees who work in a variety of settings. One big finding? A difference in happiness. On a scale of 1 to 10, telecommuters report an average work-happiness level of 8.1, compared to 7.4 for other employees.

3. They feel more valued by their employers.

When it comes to feeling valued by their employers, remote workers have an average score of 7.75, compared to 6.69 for other workers, TINYPulse found.

4. They are more loyal to their employers.

Experts also say employees with flexible work schedules are more loyal to their employers. In fact, research has found that 37% of millennials would take a pay cut in exchange for a more flexible work schedule. “Millennials last year became the largest group in the U.S. workforce,” Wang points out. “So it’s safe to say that using flexibility as a benefit — like health insurance or a paid gym membership — could help attract and retain young workers.”

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5. They prioritize wellness.

Here’s another advantage to working from home—teleworkers tend to be more focused on their health. Compared to their office-based counterparts, telecommuters are more likely to pursue wellness activities on their own, according to a poll of 617 full-time employees commissioned by Flex+Strategy Group and Work+Life Fit. Nearly 20% of those surveyed said they engage in health-promoting behaviors without the impetus of a corporate wellness program. Among this group, teleworkers (24%) take significantly more initiative than those who work in an office (17%).